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Monthly Archives: May 2021


Five Common Reasons For Denial Of Property Damage Claims

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Property damages can happen for a variety of reasons. Fire, storms, flooding, and theft can all leave you facing tens of thousands of dollars or more in repairs. Property damage insurance you have in place can help offset these costs, but claims often end up denied. Our Daytona Beach property damage attorneys explain five… Read More »

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Youth Sports Safety Month: Protecting Your Child Against Personal Injuries

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Youth sports provide a way for children to learn about teamwork and good sportsmanship while ensuring they get the level of physical activity they need. However, it is important for parents to make sure safety is a top priority. Organized sports and recreational activities are one of the leading causes of personal injuries among… Read More »

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Drug and Alcohol Use Often Fuels Juvenile Crimes In Daytona Beach

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Parents are often perplexed and heartbroken when their otherwise smart and loving children engage in certain types of activities or behaviors that put them on the wrong side of the law. Juvenile crime is a common problem in Daytona Beach and can result in serious penalties. In many of these cases, alcohol and drug… Read More »

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