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4 Things Homeowner’s Property Damage Claims Adjusters Do


When filing a homeowners property damage claim in Daytona Beach, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to assess your losses. They play an important role in approving or denying your claim and in determining how much the insurance company should offer in terms of a settlement. To help you better prepare for their visit, find out what is involved in their jobs behind the scenes.

The Basics of Being An Insurance Adjuster

Claims adjusters play a vital role in protecting insurance companies. They visit clients in person, assess damages, and determine how much the insurer should pay. Insurance adjusters are licensed through Florida’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and have a legal obligation to act with integrity. However, remember that ultimately their goal is to protect the insurance company and to prevent them from paying out more than they have to in claims. Tasks they perform as part of their job include:

  1. Reviewing the loss notice.

This is a document received from the insurance company. It provides basic information, such as your address, the type of losses that occurred, and any potential obvious causes. It also details the type of policy in effect and whether there are issues the adjuster needs to pay close attention to.

  1. Reviewing the insurance policy.

While insurance policies offer several basic types of coverage, the insurance adjuster will want to be aware of any specific stipulations that could impact your rights and the insurer’s obligations in a claim. They will carefully review all policy documents, paying close attention to the terms, the dates in which the policy is in effect, any renewals and modifications, as well as the list of exemptions.

  1. Visiting your home and meeting with you.

Once they are familiar with background information associated with your case, they will schedule a visit to see for themselves the type and extent of damages suffered. In addition to walking around your property and detailing damages or other important information, they will also inform you of your rights and obligations under the policy. They may also request written or recorded statements from you, others living in your home, and neighbors. This may even include an Examination Under Oath, which the International Risk Management Institute states may be justified if damages are suspect or there is insufficient evidence to document losses.

  1. Obtain proof of loss and other relevant documents.

The insurance adjuster will gather evidence, including photos, videos, written or recorded statements, and copies of receipts, quotes from contractors, and statements from independent adjusters. They can then begin the process of reviewing your claim and calculating any potential settlements. 

An Attorney Can Help You Today

Claims adjusters work on the side of insurance companies, protecting the rights and best interests in claims. At Bundza & Rodriguez, we work on your side, helping clients get the compensation they deserve. To discuss your case, call or contact our Daytona Beach property damage claims attorneys online and request a consultation today.



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