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Category Archives: Car Accidents


Is COVID-19 Responsible For An Increase In Car Accidents?

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Concerns over COVID-19 continue to keep many of us on edge. The pandemic has resulted in health issues, job losses, and interruptions in daily activities. Under the circumstances, it is natural to feel frustrated and increasingly anxious. Unfortunately, some of the ways people are dealing with these problems can put others at risk. Recent… Read More »

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Heavy Rains Increase Car Accident Risks In Daytona

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Heavy rains and tropical storms are a fact of life in the summer in Daytona. There is also the risk of hurricanes to worry about and 2020 is no exception. In addition to the other types of havoc they wreak, these storms have the potential to create major road hazards, increasing the risk of… Read More »

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Seven Tactics Insurance Use to Deny or Downplay Your Car Accident Claim

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

When car accidents in Daytona Beach happen, the reckless actions of others are often to blame. As a result, you can be left suffering serious personal injuries that prevent you from working while requiring ongoing medical care. Insurance may cover some of your expenses, but it is not uncommon for these companies to either… Read More »

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Do I Need an Attorney if a Car Accident Was Not My Fault?

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Some members of the public think that if they aren’t to blame for a car accident that they can forgo hiring an attorney. We have always thought this idea a little odd. The attorney’s job is to help you maximize your compensation, not defend you from a criminal case. So hiring a lawyer often… Read More »

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Volusia County On-Ramp Accident Leaves One Man Dead

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

One of the more dangerous parts of driving is trying to get on or off the highways. Accidents on the off-ramp or on-ramp can leave many motorists badly injured and sometimes even dead. From the Orlando Sentinel comes a report that a man has died on an on-ramp on I-95. According to the report,… Read More »

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Chest Pain after a Car Accident? Go to the Doctor Immediately

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

After a car crash, you might not feel normal but not know exactly what is wrong. Fortunately, you don’t need to self-diagnose your own injuries. Instead, you can go to your doctor or the hospital and have someone look at you. Chest pain is a common complaint after a car accident. It is also… Read More »

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Teen Driver Safety

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Summer is upon us, which means that the roads should now be clogged with teens who no longer need to be in school. Unfortunately, teenage drivers are some of the worst on the road. The proof is in the statistics. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 6 teens die every single day… Read More »

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