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Climate Change: How Impacts Could Increase Property Damage Claims


Climate change is a hotly debated topic. While there are many who consider it to be one of the biggest and most pressing issues currently facing our country, others feel concerns are over-inflated. In either case, there are certain impacts that cannot be denied, which are likely to increase over the years. Find out how these could impact property damage claims.

Rising Sea Levels Result In Serious Impacts In Daytona Beach  

On August 2, 2021, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued its most recent report on the increased dangers of high tide flooding and the news is not good. The annual rate is more than double what it was in 2000 and is expected to increase five to 15 times the current amount over the next five years.

In the Daytona Beach area and at other locations along the Florida coast, the effects of climate change are predicted to cause sea levels to climb at a rate of three inches each year. While this seems like a small change, it represents a dramatic reduction in coastline over the course of just a few years. In addition to increasing the risk of high tide flooding, sea level rising has a snowball effect and creates a host of other hazards, which include:

  • Beach erosion, impacting properties close to the water and providing less protection from storms;
  • Heavier storm surge, resulting in flooding of inland areas due to tropical storms or hurricanes;
  • Soil contamination, in which an excess of salt could impact the ability to grow food on a large or small scale;
  • Losses in natural spaces and wildlife habitats, impacting the overall quality of life for residents and lowering property values.

All of these issues are a serious concern for homeowners and are expected to dramatically increase property damage claims. Unfortunately, between policy exclusions and insurance companies less willing to take risks by providing policies to Florida residents, homeowners could find themselves paying out of pocket for the costs involved.

Other Hazards Due To Climate Change In Daytona Beach

Flooding is not the only hazard Daytona Beach residents face. The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) warns that an increase in the number and severity of hurricanes and tropical storms is another potential problem that can result from climate change in Florida. As homeowners in our area already know, these are one of the most common reasons for property damage claims and can cause a tremendous amount of destruction, including:

  • Damage to windows, siding, and roofing materials due to high winds;
  • Uprooted trees, impacting your home or vehicles and other personal property;
  • Waterlogged ground, which can cause shifts in your home’s foundation;
  • Mold issues, which often occur months after a storm.

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As property damages in Daytona Beach become more frequent, residents can count on Bundza & Rodriguez to protect their interests when dealing with insurers. For help in filing a claim, reach out and contact our Daytona Beach residential & commercial property damage attorneys to request a consultation today.



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