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Fire Safety Over The Summer


Our Daytona Beach residential & commercial property damage attorneys offer some simple tips to help prevent disasters from ruining your summer fun.

Prevent Firework From Causing Property Damage 

Fireworks go hand in hand with Fourth of July picnics, but it is important to be aware of the risks and to practice some simple precautions. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fireworks displays start more than 19,000 fires each year and send close to 10,000 people to hospital emergency rooms. Whether you plan on having sparklers and smoke bombs or larger explosives, follow these tips to avoid property damages:

  • Make sure you have adequate room to safely set off whatever type of fireworks you have;
  • Clear your property of dried leaves, dead tree limbs, or other items that could ignite prior to the festivities;
  • Have a water source nearby, such as a hose or several large baskets of water;
  • Shoot fireworks away from trees, homes, or other outdoor structures;
  • Pick up any spent sparklers or firework cartridges;
  • Keep fireworks, matches, and lighters out of the hands of children;
  • Avoid drinking if you plan on setting off fireworks.

Remember that in addition to avoiding fires on your property, you also want to prevent personal injuries for which you can be held liable.

Avoiding Other Common Causes Of Fires Over The Fourth and Throughout Summer

Fireworks are one of the biggest dangers property owners face on the Fourth of July but the U.S. Fire Administration warns there are other common causes of fires that can cause major destruction, now and throughout the summer months. Cooking out is one of the biggest concerns. To avoid problems, follow these tips:

  • Keep your grill in a contained area, free from debris;
  • Make sure it is attended at all times;
  • Avoid allowing flames to get too high;
  • Be careful when cooking greasy items, which are more likely to spark out of control fires;
  • Keep a water source and fire extinguisher nearby;
  • Use extra caution with coals and lighter fluid;
  • Keep flags, paper products, or other items that could ignite out of the way.

Fire pits can also pose major fire risks. As with grills, keep these far away from your home, keep flames under control, never leave it unattended, and put out any smoldering embers before going in for the night. Be careful with citronella candles, tiki torches, and other flammable items around your home, porch, or yard over the summer as well.

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Fires can cause major destruction and smoke damage to your home. When filing a property damage claim, Bundza & Rodriguez is here to help you get the maximum amount you deserve. To request a consultation, contact our Daytona Beach property damage attorneys today.



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