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Have You Checked Your Home For Hail Damage?


Spring and summer storms are common in Daytona Beach and can be surprisingly severe. In addition to occasional flooding and wind damage, these storms can also involve periodically heavy hail. Hail damage is a serious problem for homeowners but can end up going unnoticed for long periods. To protect your property and your rights in a homeowner’s insurance claim, have you checked your home for hail damage recently?

Damages Caused By Heavy Hail

The spring storm season kicked off this year with heavy hail in Daytona Beach. Hitting during annual bike week festivities, Click Orlando reported resident claims of hail the size of quarters completely blanketing their property. This particular hail storm and others like it pass by quickly. Unless there are broken windows or dents in the hood of your vehicle, you are likely to forget about them just as fast.

Unfortunately, hail damage can easily go undetected and the roof of your home is one of the places most vulnerable. The following details how even minor hail can have major impacts in the months to come:

  • During a hail storm: Asphalt, wood, and composition shingles can become loosened, dented, chipped, or otherwise damaged, exposing the underlying layer of your roof.
  • A week or two after a storm: The sun’s ultraviolet rays further weaken exposed and damaged areas.
  • Several months later: Cracks develop and accumulate water while the underlying structure of the roof deteriorates, creating vulnerabilities in the event of a severe storm;
  • Six months to a year after the original damage: Weakened areas can allow water into your home, causing damage to ceilings, drywall, insulation, floorboards, and electrical panels.

How To Check For And Address Hail Damage

It is easy to do a visual inspection after a hail storm of areas that are eye-level of your property. Checking your roof requires more effort but is worth it to protect against long-term damage to your home. According to Travelers Insurance, signs of hail damage typically include splintered or cracked wood shingles, dents in composition materials, and areas where shiny asphalt is exposed. Keep an eye out for soft spots as well, which could be evidence of a particular hard hail hit or past problems that went undetected.

If you notice any type of damage in the aftermath of a hail storm, follow these steps:

  • Notify your insurance company immediately;
  • Have a claims adjuster inspect the damage as soon as possible;
  • Take pictures of the damaged area from different angles;
  • Put a tarp over the area, if the damage is severe;
  • Get a quote on the estimated price for repairs.

Reach Out to Us Today for Help

It is not uncommon for insurers to deny claims due to hail damage, particularly if the problem was not reported immediately. To protect your rights to compensation in a claim, get our experienced Daytona Beach haile damage attorneys at Bundza and Rodriguez on your side. To request a consultation, call or contact our office online today.






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