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Hidden Wind Damage: What to Look For


Hurricanes and other strong storms can cause considerable wind damage, but this damage is not always obvious. When homeowners and insurance adjusters miss certain wind damage, the result is a large financial loss to the policyholder who does not receive any compensation for repairs.

After a storm, it is vital that homeowners inspect their property thoroughly to identify any damage. Below, we offer our best tips.

Look in the Corner of Walls

Strong winds put tremendous stress on a property, which can lead to cracks developing in the corners of your walls. Also check just above doors and windows, where cracks could also be visible.

You might also want to use a level to see if the walls have shifted because of the storm. If so, then contact a contractor since this is serious damage that needs to be repaired promptly.

Find Cracks in Windows

An object might have hit your window without shattering it. Nevertheless, some tiny cracks might have been left behind in the glass. You should have cracked glass replaced since the integrity of the glass is now compromised. Also remember to replace any missing screens.

Check Gutters

Gutters can be easily damaged by a storm. However, some owners overlook them if they are not lying on the lawn. Your gutters can still be attached to the house but have suffered serious damage, including cracks that will make them work less effectively.

Look for Foundation Damage

This is another area where people do not expect to see windstorm damage. You should look for any cracks that have suddenly appeared after the storm, as well as whether there has been any separation of the walls from the foundation.

Identify Plumbing Damage

When a water stain appears on the ceiling to a room, many owners immediately assume that there has been damage to the roof. Although you can never rule out roof damage after a storm, you might have suffered plumbing damage. A burst or leaky pipe could also cause yellowing on the walls or ceiling. Have pipes inspected after a storm to check whether they need to be repaired or replaced.

Check Your Roof Closely

When no shingles have been blown off, many homeowners assume the roof is fine. This is a wrong assumption! Instead, have someone inspect the roof closely. Damage is likely to appear along the edges first, in the form of loose shingles. Eventually, these shingles can blow off the roof in a subsequent storm, which will allow for water intrusion into the house. It is better to have the problem fixed now before more home sustains more damage.

Do You Need Help with a Property Damage Claim?

Hurricanes and other storms leave obvious destruction, including collapsed structures and trees that have fallen through roofs. But even homes that look relatively unscathed could have suffered serious damage. If you are struggling to get an insurer to pay out a claim due to storm damage, please give us a call.

The Daytona Beach wind damage lawyers at Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. have helped many clients settle their claims. We are available to meet for a free consultation if you call 386-252-5170.


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