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How is Florida Preparing for Future Hurricanes?


Hurricane Dorian might have tracked most offshore and spared Florida the damage seen in the Bahamas, but that doesn’t mean the state wasn’t prepared for it to land. Fortunately, the hurricane only cost the state around $19 million in insurance losses, which is tiny compared to Hurricane Michael, which caused around $7.4 billion.

According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel, Florida was prepared for Hurricane Dorian to have a devastating impact on the state. Government agencies were proactive at getting resources to areas that would likely be devastated had Dorian made landfall. The state also has future changes in the pipeline that should help with any future storms that strike Daytona Beach or surrounding areas.

The State Had Supplies Ready for Dorian

Traditionally, cities and counties made requests to the state for supplies after a storm hit. However, the state was prepared for Dorian and had moved supplies to locations ahead of time. According to the Florida Emergency Management Director, the state had moved pumps, generators, water and food to different locations in the state. Although most of these resources were not needed, residents should have peace of mind that the state will be as ready for future hurricanes as they were for Dorian.

Next Up: Emergency Shelters that Accept Pets

State officials also realize that many people won’t evacuate an area before a storm hits if they do not think they can take their pets with them. Unfortunately, many shelters do not accept pets, so people try to “ride out” a storm with their dogs and cats, often to their detriment.

The Florida Emergency Management Director has recommended that the state require each county to have at least one emergency shelter which accepts pets. The shelter can even be a temporary shelter that has been set up specifically for the storm.

We think this is an excellent idea and encourage the state to pursue it. Although the logistics could be complicated, early planning can make this idea a reality by hurricane season 2020.

Other Proposed Changes

Florida learned many lessons from Hurricane Michael and is trying to implement additional changes to streamline their response to a future disaster. Other proposals include:

  • Rule changes regarding how housing is assigned after storms
  • Additional technical assistance so that municipalities can request federal assistance after a disaster
  • A newer emergency operations center for the state that is larger than the one in current use

With these changes, the state can do a better job of keeping residents safe and speeding up the recovery time after any future storm pulls out to sea.

Get Help with Your Hurricane Insurance Claim

One thing that will probably never change after future storms is the difficulty many homeowners face when trying to submit an insurance claim after a storm. At Bundza & Rodriguez, our team has worked with clients to submit property damage claims and to bring appeals when those claims have been denied.

If you would like help, please contact our Daytona Beach hurricane insurance claim attorneys today by calling 386-252-5170. We offer a free consultation to those who call or send us an online message.




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