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How to Prepare for Your Consultation


At Bundza & Rodriguez, we realize how important it is that you hire the right attorney for your needs. Your choice of personal injury attorney will make the difference between feeling comfortable and confident in your case or confused and out of the loop. A great lawyer can also help maximize the amount of compensation you receive, while an inexperienced lawyer could make critical errors that cost you money.

For these reasons, we offer a free initial consultation to the public. You can come in and discuss your case and ask any question that you like. If, at the end of the meeting you want to hire us, we can go ahead and formalize the attorney-client relationship.

However, to get the most out of your consultation, you should prepare properly. Below, we offer some tips.

Write Out What Happened

A lawyer needs some general sense of your injuries and how you were injured to offer helpful advice. to that end, spend a few minutes writing down what you remember of the accident. For example, if you were struck in a car crash, you should write down:

  • The date, time, and location of the crash
  • The number of cars involved
  • Who struck who
  • What the other driver said, if anything
  • What you said after the crash, if anything

It’s okay if some details are blurry. Get down what you can on paper.

Collect Important Documents

Documents can supplement your recollection and provide key details about how injuries unfolded. If possible, collect the following:

  • Police report
  • Pictures of any damage to your vehicle
  • Pictures of any injuries
  • Medical records that you have
  • Copies of your applicable insurance policies

You might not have all of these documents and be too injured to get them. But the more information you have about the accident and your injuries, the better.

Come Up with Questions

A consultation allows a lawyer to hear about your case and advise whether it sounds like you have a valid legal claim. However, the consultation also gives you a chance to ask the attorney questions. We encourage people to ask whatever questions they have, but most people find the following information the most helpful:

  • Our fee structure
  • How we communicate with clients
  • Our experience with cases just like yours
  • Who will work on the case
  • What we think the likely outcome of your case will be

We encourage you to take notes, if necessary, and to call back if you need clarification about anything.

Hire Us If You Feel Comfortable

You should never hire a lawyer simply because a friend or coworker liked him or her. Everyone is different, and you want someone you feel comfortable and confident with. You will be working closely with your personal injury attorney, so you should hire someone you have a great deal of trust in.

To schedule your consultation with one of our Daytona Beach personal injury lawyers, please call 386-252-5170 or send us an online message. Our consultations are confidential and free, so there is little to lose.

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