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How to Survive a Tornado: 5 Tips


It is a little known fact that hurricanes can also spin off tornados. As if the strong winds and storm surge produced by a hurricane were not enough, but homeowners could also be struggling with tornados ripping across the landscape.

According to the government, tornados produced by hurricanes tend to be relatively weaker than others. Nevertheless, they are a serious danger. Below, we highlight 5 critical steps you should take to protect yourself when you see a tornado approach.

Go to the Cellar, if You Have One

The cellar is the safest place in your home. However, not all homes have a cellar, so you will need to find another place to shelter. The Old Farmer’s Almanac recommends that you choose a small space, such as your bathroom or a closet. Lying down in the bathtub is a safe bet.

In any event, you should go to the lowest level of your home, if possible. This provides greater protection than being up in the attic.

Keep Away from Windows

Shattered glass is a huge danger, so you should make sure to stay away from windows. If there is a window in the location where you choose to shelter, make sure to wrap towels around your neck and to cover your face. This action can protect you from any glass shards that turn into projectiles.

Avoid Getting in Your Car

It might sound like a bright idea to try and flee the tornado in your vehicle. However, this makes you vulnerable, and you can be tossed about while in your car, suffering fatal injuries. If you didn’t think it was worth fleeing from the hurricane, there is little sense trying to flee from the tornado.

Step Out of Your Shelter Carefully

You have no idea how destructive the tornado has been, but it could have severely damaged your structure. There could also be exposed wires that are live and could easily electrocute you. Watch your step as you emerge from your shelter and avoid going anywhere where debris is falling.

Get First Aid for Your Injuries

Some common injuries with tornados include lacerations, bruises, sprains, strains, and fractures. If debris falls on you, then you could also suffer crush injuries, amputations, and permanent nerve damage.

Seek immediate medical attention. Minor cuts can be washed and then bandaged. However, most injuries probably require medical attention. Drive to the nearest hospital, if possible, or call an ambulance if you cannot move. Unfortunately, serious storms will likely cause many people to swamp medical facilities, which are also trying to dig out from the hurricane. Nevertheless, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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