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Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season


Home preparation for hurricane season is not a quick, two-day affair. Ideally, you should be working to improve the safety of your home year-round. However, there are a few things you can tackle in the coming weeks to make your home more secure for when the first storm hits Florida. Our property damage attorneys in Volusia County identify what you can do.

Make the Garage Door a Priority

As News Channel 8 has noted, the garage door is often a vulnerable spot on a home. Strong winds could blow it off, compromising the entirety of the structure. For this reason, you should work on making it hurricane proof. If you do not know whether the door is strong enough, hire a technician to come out and check. You might need to replace the door or reinforce it.

Strengthening the garage door not only secures the integrity of your home but also protects valuables stored in your garage, not the least of which is your car.

Secure Your Windows

We have written before of how homeowners should take a close look at different options for protecting their windows during a storm. Storm shutters are ideal, since you can move them into place when a storm is about to land. They are certainly superior to other options, like adding a film to the glass.

Shutters tend to be expensive, however. The cost to install can rise to $5,000, sometimes more. If you do not have that money saved, then you should consider less expensive options, at least for this hurricane season, such as creating a plywood cover.

Determine Where to Store Patio Furniture

Anything that can blow away—furniture, grills, toys, etc.—must either be tied down when a storm is approaching or be stored inside, such as in your garage or home. You should identify what you will do with these items. If you need to clean our or rearrange your garage, then you have time to do so now.

You might decide to tie furniture to a stake or porch. You should purchase rope or chains that allow you to do that.

Trim Your Trees, if Necessary

Strong winds can tear off limbs or knock over trees, which then crash onto your home and cause damage. If you have time, you should have an expert come look at the trees on your property. Dead trees should probably be cut down before they can be pushed over by a storm. Sometimes, only part of a tree is dead, in which case you could take down the dead branches.

Clean Your Gutters

Increasingly, storms are dumping record amounts of water. You can limit the chances of water intrusion if you clean out all gutters and replace any that look faulty. Properly working gutters move water away from your home, helping to keep it dry.

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