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Property Damage Insurance Protects Against Personal Liability From Party Guests


The holidays are a time for celebrations with family and friends, many of which you may have hosted at your home. Whether you gathered guests for a formal dinner, opening gifts, or ringing in the New Year, it is important to be aware of the potential risks in regards to liability.

Now that the holidays are over, people have more time to reflect on accidents or injuries that may have happened. Find out how homeowners property damage coverage can protect you against personal liability.

When Accidental Injuries Occur On Your Property

Most people open their homes to family and friends without being aware of the risks regarding liability This is particularly true over the holiday season. While you may consider home entertaining safer than going out, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that it is one of the most common places for injuries to happen. Common causes include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls: These can happen due to wet floors, torn carpeting, uneven sidewalks, or excess clutter along walkways.
  • Getting struck by or against objects: This can happen due to improperly attached fixtures, unbalanced shelving units, and low hanging tree branches outdoors.
  • Burn injuries: Firepits, fireplaces, candles, stovetops, and even electrical wiring or outlets are all common causes of burn injuries.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: These can impact drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians while pulling in or leaving your property.

Your Liability In Regards To Holiday Party Guests

With how hectic the holiday season is, you may not have paid much attention to mishaps that occurred, particularly if they appeared minor. Unfortunately, many potentially serious injuries have symptoms which can take days or even weeks to fully appear. If a guest was injured while visiting your home, you can be held liable for costs they incur, such as medical expenses and lost wages. You can also be held liable for injuries they suffer off property if you over served alcohol during their visit.

Under the Florida Statutes, businesses such as bars and individuals who host people in their homes have a responsibility to avoid allowing guests to become overly intoxicated. If they do and end up causing personal injuries to themselves or others, you can be held liable for the damages that result. Your homeowners property damage coverage provides important protections in this situation:

  • Injured parties may be entitled to an insurance settlement;
  • If they take you to court, your policy may cover your legal expenses and a portion of any judgments against you. 

Reach Out to Us Today for Help

Accidents and injuries that occur on your property or while holiday guests are driving home can leave you facing serious liability. In this situation, it is important to get an experienced Daytona Beach property damage claims attorney on your side right away. Reach out and call Bundza & Rodriguez or contact our office online to request a consultation today.



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