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Questions To Ask Yourself When Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim


When property damages happen around your home, insurance coverage you have in place can help prevent you from paying out-of-pocket. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for claims to either get denied or downplayed. To avoid potential problems, the following are questions to ask yourself prior to filing a property damage claim.

Questions About Your Property Damage Coverage

According to statistics from the Insurance Information Institute (III), an average of less than 10 percent of all homeowners file a property damage claim each year. While the average is significantly higher for Florida residents due to the risk of severe storms and hurricanes, most homeowners are still generally unfamiliar with the process of filing a claim.

The first step is getting familiar with your insurance policy. Questions to ask yourself include:

Are my property damages covered by my insurance policy?

Review the terms of coverage and the type of policy you have in place.

Is there a time limit to filing a claim?

One of the most common reasons for denied claims is failure to file within the appropriate time limits.

How will I be reimbursed for costs?

Homeowner’s insurance companies calculate losses in a variety of ways. There is the actual cost you paid for the item, the current value, and what you will likely spend on repairs and/or replacements.

What is the appeals process for denied claims?

Be aware in advance of your rights in appealing a denied property damage claim.

Questions About Your Property Damage Claim

Insurers are subject to strict rules and regulations under the Florida Statutes, which include being transparent in terms of policy terms. Once you are familiar with the details surrounding your particular policy and what is required by the insurer, ask yourself these questions prior to filing your claim:

Have I met with an insurance adjuster?

An insurance adjuster will visit your property, assess your damages, and advise the insurer on what to cover in a claim.

Have I documented all damages?

Prior to an adjuster’s visit, make a list of all damaged property and take videos and/or pictures. This can be used as documentation when filing a property damage claim.

Do I have estimates regarding repairs or replacements?

Get estimates from reputable contractors and other sources on what it might cost to repair or replace certain items. This can help in determining whether any settlement offers are reasonable.

Have I included other losses I incurred?

Do not forget to include losses and other costs incurred due to property damages, such as lost business or having to stay elsewhere while repairs are made.

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