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Tag Archives: Florida Sexual Assault Cases


Jury Awards Victim $4.6 Million for Sexual Assault

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Sexual assault is both a crime and a civil wrong in Florida. This means that the state can prosecute offenders and send them to jail or punish them in other ways, such as fining them or putting them on probation. Victims can also bring a civil lawsuit in Florida court for money damages, which… Read More »

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How Do Florida Courts Regard Recovered Memories of Sexual Assault?

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Sexual assault cases are some of the most delicate legal matters because of the risk of social stigma for all parties involved. Victims of sexual assault may hesitate to file lawsuits because of the fear that no one will believe them or that society will blame them for what happened. They might also hesitate… Read More »

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