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The Importance Of A Home Contents Inventory List


After a hurricane, tropical storm, or other disaster, you can file a claim with the insurance company that provides you with homeowners insurance to obtain coverage for damage sustained. Although you can obtain coverage for any damage to the structure of your home, you can also pursue compensation for any damage to the personal contents within the home. The amount you ultimately obtain will largely depend on whether you can identify what contents were damaged. This is where having a home contents inventory list can be very helpful.

How to Create a Home Contents Inventory List

A home contents inventory list is just that –  it is a list that outlines the contents of your home. The only way a home contents inventory list can be effective, though, is when it is accurate and detailed. Start creating your list by organizing the items in your home room by room. This way, when only a certain section of your home is damaged, it is easier to determine what contents were lost.

For example, if you list all of the televisions in the house together, you may not know right away which one was damaged. On the other hand, if you list contents room-by-room and know that there is damage in a bedroom, you know it is the bedroom television that was damaged.

Also remember when creating your list to include as many details as possible about specific contents. Include the make and model of the item, along with the date you purchased it, a brief description, and the approximate value of the property.

Mistakes to Avoid when Making a Home Contents Inventory List

There is nothing wrong with keeping your home contents inventory list in a safe or on your home computer. However, you should have more than one copy, and they should all be kept in different places. If your list becomes damaged then, you will not lose it but instead, can simply retrieve another copy from elsewhere. Keep a copy of your inventory list with a friend, at another family member’s house, or even in the cloud so you can access it regardless of where damage occurs in your home.

A home contents inventory list is also not something that you can create and then forget about entirely. After you create your list, you will likely purchase new appliances and other items, and you may throw out the item that is being replaced. You need to update your list after making any purchase so you are fully reimbursed if it becomes damaged. For example, if your kitchen became damaged and your fridge was destroyed, you do not want to risk only being compensated for a fridge that was ten years old when you just purchased a brand new one.

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