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Tips for Communicating with Your Insurance Adjuster


Filing an insurance claim after a hurricane or other natural disaster is often harder than people expect. Many envision they will only need to fill out a couple of forms and a check should arrive in the mail in a matter of weeks.

Unfortunately, many problems arise, including denial of claims. It is only after being denied that many policyholders realize that they haven’t been as organized as they should have, and they have trouble remembering what an insurance claims adjuster told them over the phone or in face-to-face conversations.

Below, we offer tips for how to communicate with your adjuster. By employing these tips, you can protect your right to compensation and make it easier to bring a legal claim later, if necessary.

Document Your Phone Conversations

If a dispute breaks out later about what you were promised, how will you prove your side of events? This is where documentation is key. Remember the following:

  • Write down the date and time of every phone conversation you have related to your damage and/or your claim. Also get the name of the person you spoke to.
  • Jot down a summary of the substance of the conversation. Obviously, you can’t get everything word for word, but a summary is fine.

For key conversations, you should summarize the conversation and send an email to the insurance adjuster. For example, if you were told, “We’ll cover $10,000 in losses,” you can include that in a follow-up email. The email gives the adjuster a chance to correct your version of events soon after the conversation. If they don’t, then this is solid proof that the version of the conversation contained in your email is correct.

Stay Professional

It can be incredibly frustrating trying to get a claim approved after a hurricane. With your home in ruins, you might find that the insurance company is being entirely unreasonable. Often, they require duplicative effort—filling out forms more than once, passing you like a hot potato from one person to the next, etc.

Always remain polite, calm, and persistent. But never be rude or lose your temper. By staying calm, you will strengthen your case.

Get Information to the Adjuster in a Timely Fashion

Be proactive and organized. If the adjuster wants an inventory of items, don’t delay getting this information to him. Always keep a copy of everything to send to the adjuster so you have proof of the information you supplied.

Also remember to send everything certified mail, return receipt requested. Doing so can help document when your insurance company received the information.

Speak to an Attorney

A lawyer is your best friend in a hurricane insurance claim dispute. An attorney understands how insurers process claims and can be a powerful advocate. If your insurer has engaged in improper conduct, your attorney can document it and use it as leverage to get you the compensation you need.

At Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. our Daytona Beach hurricane insurance claims lawyers have handled many insurance claims for those in Daytona Beach and surrounding Volusia County. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We will gladly assist in any way we can.


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