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Daytona Beach Lawyers > Blog > Property Damage / Insurance > What Should Be In Your Emergency Hurricane Supply Kit?

What Should Be In Your Emergency Hurricane Supply Kit?


Whether you are riding out a hurricane by sheltering in place or getting out of town, you will definitely need some supplies to keep you and your family safe and warm. But what do you need?

Waterproof Storage Container

Flood waters can destroy or damage your supply kit, so make sure that it is waterproof and very strong. You will want to store these supplies somewhere where they are least likely to get damaged in a hurricane. If you are leaving town for a few days while the hurricane lands, then you can keep the supplies with you in the trunk of your car.

Food & Water

You should have at least enough food for 3 days. Make sure it is non-perishable. Think cans of peaches and beans, not fresh fruit. Don’t forget a can opener so you can open everything. Three days’ worth of food should be enough, although you might want more. Some people recommend 7 days’ worth.

You also need water. Get at least one gallon of water per person per day. If you have 3 people, then you should get at least 9 gallons.

If you have babies, don’t forget baby food and diapers. And if you have pets, they will need their own food and water.

First Aid Kit

Even if you leave when the storm hits, you can be injured when you come back and try to clean out debris. Make sure you have a full First Aid kit with gauze, bandages, band-aids, creams, and scissors.

Basic Camping Supplies

If the roof is torn off or the windows are blown in, you are effectively sleeping outside. You should have blankets, matches, garbage bags, flashlights, batteries, and sleeping bags. These can keep you warm for several days.

One good option is a thermal blanket, also called a Mylar blanket. This is a lightweight blanket that helps keep in a person’s body heat. It folds up nicely and does not take up much space.

Communication Devices

Need to get in contact with someone when the power lines are down? You can use your cell phone but make sure that it is fully charged before the storm hits. You might also get a battery-powered radio, or a hand-cranked one.

Change of Clothes

Clothes are tricky, because the weather could be sweltering after a hurricane hits or it could be cooler, depending on the month. Make sure you have several changes of clothes and think about layers. You can buy pants that zip at the knee (called “2-in-1” pants), which means they can be easily changed into shorts if the weather is warm.

Bundza & Rodriguez Encourages Everyone to Stay Safe

Hurricanes are an unavoidable fact of life in Florida. If you have a legal dispute stemming from a hurricane, please give our law firm a call at 386-252-5170. One of our Daytona Beach hurricane damage lawyers at Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. will be pleased to meet with you for a free consultation.

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