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When Should You Speak To A Property Damage Lawyer?


You have done the responsible thing and purchased homeowners insurance to protect your most valuable asset – your home. You expect that insurance to be there for you when your property suffers damage from a storm, wind, and accidents. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always fair and rather than provide you with the coverage you have already purchased, they prioritize their own bottom line. So, when should you speak to a lawyer to ensure you receive the full and fair coverage you deserve? Below, our Daytona Beach property damage lawyer provides the answer.

Before You Speak to the Insurance Company 

Ideally, you should contact a property damage lawyer before you even contact the insurance company. A lawyer can assess the damage, review your policy and inform you of the exact coverage you are entitled to. This will make it much more difficult for your insurance provider to use the strategies they commonly employ to reduce or deny your claim. A lawyer will also speak to the insurance company on your behalf, which will also make them less likely to try these strategies.

When filing an insurance claim, there is also a fine balance between how much information you should provide to the insurer, and how much is too much. A lawyer will know what this balance is and will not do anything to hurt your claim, providing sound advice before you even file.

The Insurance Company is Delaying Your Claim 

Under state law, insurance companies must acknowledge your claim within a certain amount of time, and they must also settle your claim within a specific period. If you have reached out to your insurance company and they have not responded to you, or do not provide you with any real information when you call, it is definitely time to contact a property damage lawyer. A lawyer will contact the provider on your behalf and make sure the rest of the process proceeds as quickly as possible.

The Insurer is Not Offering Full Coverage 

Your insurance company has an obligation to provide you with full coverage, up to the amounts of your insurance policy. If they are not offering you the amount of coverage you need to replace or repair the damage, and you have more coverage available under your policy, it is critical to speak to a Daytona Beach property damage lawyer.

The Insurer Denied You Coverage 

In the worst case scenario, your insurance company may deny you coverage completely. They may sometimes have reason to do so, or they may just be trying to protect their own profits. Any time you are denied coverage, it is important to contact a lawyer who can advise on your case and help you obtain any coverage you deserve.

Call Our Property Damage Lawyer in Daytona Beach 

When dealing with any insurance company, you need strong legal representation. At Bundza & Rodriguez, our Daytona Beach property damage lawyer can provide it so you obtain the complete coverage you are owed. Call or text us now at 386-252-5170 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more.



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