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Bicycle Safety for Seniors


As they age, bicycling enthusiasts find that we can no longer ride as we used to. With old age comes reduced balance and vision, as well as weakened bones that can more easily break after a fall or collision. As a result, bicycle safety changes as we enter our senior years. Below are some tips for continuing your love of cycling but in a senior-friendly manner.

Choose a Bicycle with a Third Wheel

Yes, this means you are now riding a tricycle—something you probably haven’t done in 60 years or more. However, the extra wheel adds important stability at a time when your balance continues to worsen. Riding a tricycle also comes with advantages. You can put a giant basket in the back, between the two wheels, which will make it easier to ride the bicycle when out shopping and running errands.

Ride a Recumbent Bicycle

This is another great option for seniors who need help with balance. Recumbent bicycles let you exercise while seated as if in a recliner in your living room. Recumbent bicycles not only add stability, but they protect your back as well by evenly distributing your weight across a wider area.

Because a recumbent bicycle is lower, you are at increased risk of getting struck by a motorist who cannot see you. You should add a flag to the bicycle that will alert motorists and pedestrians of where you are.

Don’t Ride at Night

With age comes slowed reflexes and poorer vision. For these reasons, riding at night is riskier when you are older. You will be less likely to see someone else, and you might be unable to get out of the way fast enough. To reduce the risks of a bicycle accident, you should stick to riding during the day. Also wear bright-colored clothing to make yourself extra visible to motorists and pedestrians.

Wear a Helmet

You might never have worn one in your youth, but now is the time to put one on. A proper helmet that fits can dramatically reduce your risk of a head injury should you fall off the bike or get involved in a collision. Older Americans are at greater risk of death or hospitalization with a brain injury, and symptoms linger much longer. The more protection you have, the better.

Reduce Riding on the Road

Try riding more on bike paths and quiet streets than on busy roads with lots of traffic. You will reduce your chances of a bicycle accident and enjoy the experience more. This is not an option for some people, depending on where you live, so always maintain heightened vigilance when out on the road.

Legal Representation after a Volusia County Bicycle Accident

If you have suffered an injury in a bicycle accident, we want to talk to you. The Volusia County bicycle accident lawyers at Bundza & Rodriguez can help you identify sources of compensation for your injuries, and we have a track record of success. To schedule your free consultation, please contact us today.



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