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Client Testimonials

He Was Very Helpful and Supportive

Michael. I had two open warrants over 19 months old. They were both felony charges, very serious. He went into the process very professionally and told me the truth didn't sugar coat the fact that I was more then likely going to face time in jail on both of these charges because of the time I allowed to lapse in between going back to court to resolve it was almost 2 years later. We went into court and I was afraid to even go. He told me to just go to court he had the date set for me to appear in less then 2 weeks. He was at my hearing early. We spoke prior and he prepared me for the fact they could possibly arrest me for the open warrants. They didn't though. He got a really good offer and I got probation. He got the judge to withdrawal the open warrants at the hearing and had the state give me a deal all at a motion to reinstate bond hearing to get everything taken care of at the one hearing. I received probation and adjudication withheld on the charges. I was completely impressed and his fees for this service were extremely affordable. Dannie his assistant answered my calls every single day and was very helpful and supportive through out the entire process. I love this firm and would strongly recommend them to all of my friends and family that are in need of a criminal defense attorney in the state of Florida.

Jillian C.
Excellent Results

Excellent results, communication and responsiveness to needs. Availability unmatched and information provided when and as needed. What else could you ask for from an attorney---top notch all the way.

Chris R.
She Was Very Pleasant to Speak With

This law firm I would highly recommend. Danny worked with me on my situation to see if they could help. She was very kind and had outstanding customer service. Although, this law firm was not able to handle my particular case, instead of just sending me on my way, Danny took the time to call me back, and assist with referring me to another law firm that could possibly help with my case. She was very pleasant to speak with on the phone and I would definitely recommend this law firm and use them for any future case that they could handle.

Desiree C.
Extremely Knowledgeable and Professional

Over a year ago Michael Rodriguez handled my case. Anytime you go through any sort of legal troubles usually it's a life-altering experience, luckily I was referred to Michael Rodriguez. He made the process a lot less scary and painful than expected. Not only that, his manner in doing so felt like I was in hands of somebody extremely knowledgeable and professional; someone that would care for me as a friend in the community. I think he's one of the most kind and fair attorneys around, hands down.

Hannah M.
Above and Beyond

Mike went above and beyond for me and displayed an integrity and willingness to make things better for me that I really didn't expect. I will be using this firm for any and all other legal matters from now on.

Mike B.
Fantastic Attorney

Michael Rodriguez was a fantastic attorney and was able to get my case dismissed. I would highly reccomend to anyone in any type of situation. They made me feel like family and answered all the questions that I had.I couldn't be more happy with what he did for me! 5/5

Shane R.
Courteous and Very Knowledgeable

This is the second time that I have had Michael Rodriquez and his assistant Dani assist me with my legal needs. They are professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. My issue was solved in a timely and favorable manner. Thank you very much for everything!

Doris H.
Absolutely Amazing

Hey I just want to let everyone know that Corey Bundza and his secretary Renee are absolutely amazing! They care about you as a person and a client and don't nickle and dime you. They let you know what's going on every step of the way! Amazing people! And amazing law firm!!! Thanks so much Corey and Renee!! Sincerely, Steven Hoxworth

Steven H.
Thoroughness and Professionalism

It’s long overdue, but I finally went to get my Will and personal affairs in order.... Mike and his team made what I thought was going to be an overwhelming process a breeze!! I can’t speak highly enough of their thoroughness and professionalism.... exactly what you want in an attorney!

Lauri S.
Positive Results

I have used Mike several times as has my family and have had positive results on each case. His assistant Dani is tremendous and was always willing to help with any issues that came up. Legal cases are frustrating and stressful, Mike has a very calm demeanor and helped council me through each case. I highly recommend his firm to handle your legal issues.

George P.
Best Interests in Mind

Michael handled my case in a timely and very thorough manner. I can honestly say that he has the clients best interests in mind and was always more than willing to work with the client. Danielle and Michael always kept me in the know and will come to them for any future legal matters.

Bryton W.
Excellent Attorney

Michael Rodriguez was an excellent attorney and treated us like family, not just clients. He was extremely professional, thorough and caring throughout our case and we highly recommend his services.

Susan T.
Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Michael Rodriguez and his law firm. He always stayed in contact with me in Virginia about my estate case in Daytona Beach and worked very hard on getting done what needed to be in and outside of court. His assistant Dani Garay is equally as professional. They are an awesome team to have on your side! I highly recommend them both!

Kendall C.
Treated Me Like Family

Mike and Corey treated me like family, They are both excellent attorneys. I highly recommend them!

Serena B.

Highly Recommend!! I recently went through a divorce with the help of Michael Rodriguez. I had been in a 16 year marriage with 2 small children. Anyone that has went through this knows it is not an easy time in your life. With the help of Michael it made the process much more easy to handle. He helped me every step of the way with any questions and concerns I had. His team is great as well. I have considered Danielle my therapist for the last year. Knowing I had people that are truly looking after my best interests and my children was amazing and took away much stress. I would highly recommend Michael and his team to anyone I meet.

Jennifer M.
Remarkable Attorney

Michael Rodriguez is a remarkable attorney. Michael represented me during a divorce and was able to help by providing opportunity so that I could raise my daughter. Michael understands the importance of family, and I believe that is what drives him to be such a dedicated attorney. The entire team at Bundza and Rodriguez was very friendly and was able to make me feel comfortable walking in the door. I will never make any moves without consultation from Mike and his team. B & R have an amazing view of the city and I am sure the city has an amazing view of B & R. I know my view of B & R, dedication. Thank you for fighting for my family.

Anthony C.
Absolute Gem

Helped my parents with some very complicated estate issues. Dani was an absolute gem! Hire them if you want the job done right and very professionally!

Jeff W.
Great Job

They handled a case for me and did a great job. I never had to set foot in court and the case was dismissed. Thank you!

Robert R.
Awesome Attorney

Michael Rodriguez is an awesome attorney! They were always available to answer my questions and guide me along the way. Its nice to have an attorney that actually cares about my well being and the outcome of my case. Thank you so much!

Christy S.
Honest and Professional

I’ve referred multiple people to Bundza & Rodriguez for criminal defense and family law issues. Everyone I have sent to Mike Rodriguez has been more than satisfied with the services and results they received. I feel very comfortable recommending this firm to anyone seeking legal advice. As a Daytona Beach area resident I can say with certainty that they run a very honest and professional law practice.

Croxxane On 60 FPS
Grace and Expertise

Mike Rodriguez handled my family law case (ex-wife attempted to modify divorce agreement). Mike understood and was clear up front about the long difficult road ahead. He never gave false hope but he always found a way to make difficult times seem less so. He combatted the absurd lies of my ex and her attorney with skill, grace and expertise. He was able to get half of their lawsuit dismissed at a hearing before trial. Mike went above and beyond the call of duty and charged me far less for numerous correspondence and consultations then he was entitled to. He was fair and his character is impeccable. He cares about his clients and their children and it shows all the time in and out of the court room. Mike did such an expert job on my case that my ex was forced to settle for far less than her and her attorney had tried to get. And near the end of this long journey the military required us to move out of Florida and Mike was able to get that accomplished also - and relocation with children out of state is not an easy accomplishment! I would say by the end of this journey I counted Mike as a friend and would hire Mike again without hesitation.

Aaron H.
Made Me Feel at Ease

I want to thank Michael Rodriguez for all he has done for me. I didn't know where to turn or whom to get advice from. When I contacted him he made me feel at ease through the total process. From that moment on I had total confidence not only with him but also Danielle. She was fantastic!!

Always Kept Me Updated

I had a case with Mr.Rodriguez, an him and his staff treated me so well. They always kept me updated they answered my calls and called back also returned my emails. If I were anyone dealing with a case I definetly would pick him over anyone else. Very understanding and caring. I see nothing but greatness for them. God bless you guys and hope all goes well. Thank you again couldn't be more thankful

Michael N.
This is a law firm you can absolutely trust!

Mike helped me with 3 different cases in the past 5 years regarding our family law issues and also helped my sister and mother as well. He has been kind, empathetic, professional, honest. Dani was always a breath of fresh air to speak with and was very on top of things. This is a law firm you can absolutely trust! I highly recommend them!

Jamie T.
I can’t speak highly enough of their thoroughness and professionalism

It’s long overdue, but I finally went to get my Will and personal affairs in order…. Mike and his team made what I thought was going to be an overwhelming process a breeze!! I can’t speak highly enough of their thoroughness and professionalism…. exactly what you want in an attorney!

Laurie S.
I will not ever use another Lawyer.

I entrusted Mr. Rodriguez to handle my divorce a few years ago. My divorce had the potential for being difficult with lots of loss for me. Mr. Rodriguez handled the case with full knowledge of the law and an understanding of what a fair and honest divorce should be. Both myself and my X Husband were pleased and satisfied with the outcome of our divorce. We managed to remain amicable and developed a friendship all through the careful handling of our case by Mr. Rodriguez. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a Lawyer. I recently came to see him for something new and he did not disappoint me. He and Danielle handled my situation efficiently and to my satisfaction. I will not ever use another Lawyer.

Connie R.
If you want representation that actually communicates with you every step of the way this is the guy.

Michael Rodriguez is one of the top criminal attorneys in the Daytona beach and surrounding areas. I’ve dealt with attorneys in my past and what stands out with Michael is his brutal honesty and the fact that he’s always accessible. If I had a question it was answered if I needed to speak to him Danny his legal secretary would always make sure that he received the message and got back to me promptly it may not have been what I wanted to hear but I always counted it on being the truth. I was facing a 3rd time Dui ten year suspension jail time and 18 month probation and the state wanted my bond revoked cause of my history, not only did Michael fight vigorously for my freedom and my right to be free on bond and won his motion to keep me free on bond. He also filed a motion to suppress my stop and Dui investigation my motion was granted and my Dui was dismissed. Michaels court room swagger is bar none, If you need legal representation if you want representation that actually communicates with you every step of the way this is the guy.

Luis S.
Corey Bundza is the best personal injury attorney I know.

I have known Corey Bundza for nearly thirty years. In addition to being someone with integrity who genuinely cares about the outcome for his clients, he is also the peer and colleague I turn to on a consistent basis whenever I have a legal question outside my areas of expertise. He is an excellent advocate for clients with an outstanding reputation among all of his legal peers. Over the years I have had the ability to confer with Mr. Bundza on very complicated matters and his insight is always invaluable. Anyone seeking a strong advocate and a high level of representation can find it with this attorney. I highly recommend him!

James P.
Highly recommend!

Mr. Bundza helped me recover needed money from a personal injury case that took forever to settle! He was extremely helpful. Corey always spoke to me directly and always answered my questions with the correct answers. I was never “pawned” off on his paralegal and he was more like a friend than an attorney. I freely admit that I am a very “high-strung” individual and I have a fierce temper but Corey was very tolerant, understanding and helpful. His practice and my place of employment have dealings with each other that have nothing to do with personal injury and we were able to keep everything separated professionally. Corey would be my first choice of an attorney to hire if I ever have another personal injury case. If he gives me any suggestions or advise I would never second guess his suggestion! He and his staff are awesome!

Amy R.

After a serious automobile accident, Mr. Bundza represented me in a lawsuit against the person who hit me. Without ever going to court, he not only negotiated a settlement with the defendant, but negotiated the payback settlement with my health insurance company and health providers expecting their bills to be paid by me. I would hire him or his firm again and recommend them for their type of services, any time.

Randy G.
Good Representation

I was involved in a car accident that resulted from a police chase. I suffered back and leg injuries. I was recommended by a friend to contact Corey Bundza and his firm. I was greeted warmly by Corey and his staff and was periodically updated on all phases of my case. He vigorously pursued my case and got me a settlement I was very pleased with. He did an excellent job and I would happily recommend him and his firm to anyone who needs good representation.

Elaine W.
Excellent Job

I was involved in an automobile accident where my car was rear-ended, totaled and I suffered some injuries. I very naively thought that the other driver’s insurance would take care of everything, giving me a reasonable amount for my car and paying for all my injuries. I soon found that their interest was not in my best interest and found myself battling with their agents. I had become stressed out on top of everything else so a friend recommended Corey Bundza to me. He reassured me right away that he could take care of everything and I felt a great load had been lifted from me. I did not have to deal with the insurance company as well as trying to get my life back and going to rehab for a long time. Mr. Bundza and his staff did an excellent job and the result was better than I expected. I am happy to recommend Corey Bundza to anyone.

Jane P.
They were Kind, Patient and Understanding

They were Kind, Patient and Understanding My mom and my aunt were involved in a rear end auto accident. I knew of Bundza & Rodriguez P.A. through a personal acquaintance but never had a reason to obtain their services. When this accident happened I called them and asked them to consult with my mom and aunt to see if they could represent them. They did and all through the process, they were kind, patient and understanding. I was very appreciative to Corey for the way he worked with my mom and my aunt. They settled the case and were very fair. They are the firm that I will always refer to.

Maria D.
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