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Category Archives: Hurricane


What Types Of Damage Do Hurricanes Cause?

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Of all the states in the country, Florida sees more hurricanes and the devastation they cause more than almost any other. Hurricanes cause billions of dollars of damage when they hit, leaving home and business owners to deal with the destructive aftermath. Some types of hurricane damage are glaringly obvious, while other types are… Read More »

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Steps To Take After A Hurricane In Daytona Beach

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

All homeowners in Daytona Beach are at risk of suffering damage to their property caused by a hurricane or tropical storm. Heavy rain and high winds can cause disastrous damage to both the interior and exterior of a home. It is critical to know the important steps to take before and after a hurricane… Read More »

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Can You Negotiate A Hurricane Insurance Claim?

By Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. |

Hurricanes can cause damage that ranges from minor to severe. Regardless of the severity of your loss, you should still file a hurricane insurance claim that can help you cover the cost of repairs or replacement. Even though you pay your insurance premiums faithfully and on time to ensure this coverage is available when… Read More »

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