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Car Accidents and Eye Injuries


Of all the injuries someone can suffer in a car accident, eye injuries are some of the most serious. They can lead to distorted vision and, in rare cases, complete blindness. Our clients suffer eye injuries in many ways, but direct contact with an air bag or the steering wheel are two of the most common. At other times, a brain injury can affect the eyes due to swelling. Below, we identify some of the worst eye injuries a person can suffer in a car accident.

Retina Damage

The retina is connected to the vitreous, which makes up most of the inner eye. But trauma can tear the vitreous away, leading to a retinal tear or detachment. Symptoms can include flashes of light or an abundance of floaters in the vision. Other people experience darkness in their peripheral visions, almost as if a curtain has been dropped.

Fortunately, retina damage can be repaired with surgery, but you should see a doctor as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more complicated the surgery will be.

Injury to the Optic Nerve

A brain injury can increase pressure in and around the brain, which in turn can increase pressure on the optic nerve, which transmits images from the retina to the brain. Each eye has an optic nerve made up of more than a million nerve fibers. Any pressure from swelling can alter how signals travel through the optic nerve to the brain, resulting in distorted vision and possible blindness.

Treatment will depend on the exact cause of the impairment. If swelling is to blame, then a doctor will strive to reduce it. Some patients might require surgery to decompress the nerve.

Corneal Abrasion

The cornea is the clear dome at the front of your eyes. It protects the eye and directs light. If something scrapes or touches the cornea, it can cause an abrasion, which can lead to pain, light sensitivity, and increased tears. A corneal abrasion, though painful, is unlikely to cause permanent damage.

Orbital Fracture

A traumatic blow can damage the bones that comprise the eye socket, leading to a fracture. Because it takes so much force to break an orbital bone, the eye usually suffers trauma as well. Someone with an orbital fracture can suffer vision loss, either temporary or permanent.

Penetration by Foreign Object

A tiny object could become lodged in the eye, causing bleeding and other damage. Prompt treatment is vital to limit the damage. Generally, a doctor will wash the area with a sterile solution to remove the foreign object. Otherwise, a doctor could use tweezers to pull it out.

Legal Advocates in Your Corner

After a Daytona Beach car accident, you will need compensation to help pay for medical bills and to replace any lost income if you cannot return to work. At Bundza & Rodriguez, we have a long history negotiating a favorable settlement with car insurers, especially after our clients have suffered serious injuries.

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