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Daytona Beach Hail Damage Lawyer

Property Damage from Hail

Hail can affect homes in a variety of ways. Typically, the flatter the roof, the more damage it will sustain because the hail will strike the roof more directly. The greater the slant of the roof, the more the hail will simply glance off of the surface. In either case, however, some damage may be likely to occur in a severe storm. Some of the damage caused by hail to homes includes:

  • Air conditioner damage that effects the functioning of the unit
  • Removal of shingles from roof
  • Cracks or holes in flat roofs
  • Granule loss in asphalt shingles
  • Splitting of shingles
  • Damage to exterior paint
  • Siding damage
  • Broken windows

When homes are damaged by hail, necessary repairs can be prohibitively expensive and this is one of the many reasons that homeowners carry insurance coverage. The experienced Daytona Beach hail damage insurance claim lawyers at Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. who have helped claimants across Florida including in Volusia County, Flagler County and Brevard County can help.

Hail Damage to Cars

Hail can come quickly and is often unpredictable, putting your vehicle at risk of being damaged by the hail if it is not parked in a covered space. While the extent of the damage often depends on how large the hail is and how long it lasted, even a few pieces of hail can do serious damage. Whether your vehicle has no more than a few barely visible dents or sustains heavy damage, your car may require automotive work. This type of repair is typically covered under insurance; however, if an insurance company denies your claim or does not fairly compensate you, you may be left with a hefty financial burden.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies deny legitimate claims from individuals for hail repair. If your vehicle was damaged by hail and your insurance company has unfairly refused to pay for the damage or has underpaid, contact an experienced Daytona Beach Hail Damage insurance Claim attorney at Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A..

What should I know about hail damage claims?

There are several factors that complicate the process of making a hail damage claim. Knowing these complications is the first step to understanding how to fight for what you are owed:

  • Other Claimants: Hail damage does not happen in isolation; the greater the number of people affected by hail damage, the greater the risk that your insurance company will take longer to process your claim
  • Time: Each insurance company has its own time requirements for filing a claim, so it is important to double check the details of your policy and find out the deadline for making a hail damage claim
  • Nature of Insurance: The business model of insurance discourages insurance companies from paying every claim after a catastrophic event because if they did, they could go bankrupt

How Our Daytona Beach Property Damage Insurance Lawyers Can Help

Contact the experienced Daytona Beach hail damage insurance claim lawyers at Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. as they know what steps must be taken to prove a hail damage insurance claim and pursue the full benefits owed to you under your policy.

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