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Five Common Types of Car Accidents and How They Happen


Car accidents in Daytona Beach can leave you and your passengers suffering serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. Determining how a crash or collision happened and the contributing factors involved is key to getting the compensation you need to recover in a claim. The following details five common types of car accidents in our area and the reckless driving behaviors that are often to blame.

Common Types and Causes of Car Accidents In Daytona Beach

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), nearly 10,000 car accidents happen in Volusia County each year, the majority of which occur in Daytona Beach. As a result, close to 7,000 drivers and their passengers suffer serious personal injuries.

Car accident injuries can impact your ability to provide for yourself and your loved ones while resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Why should you have to pay these costs when it is generally other motorists who are responsible? Common types of car accidents in Daytona Beach and their causes include:

  1. Rear-End Car Crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents. They often occur in parking lots, while you are stopped at intersections, and in heavy traffic conditions. In the majority of cases, they are caused by the aggressive driving behaviors of others involved, such as speeding or going too fast for conditions, tailgating, and failure to yield.

  1. Side Swipe Accidents

Side-swipe car accidents can occur as a result of improper passing or when other drivers fail to stay in their lane. They may happen on highways and interstates or on rural roads throughout our area. Aggressive driving, distracted driving, and driving under the influence are often to blame.

  1. Side-Impact Crashes

Often referred to as t-bone crashes, this is when another driver slams directly into either the driver or passenger side of your vehicle. They typically happen at intersections as a result of running red lights or stop signs and failure to yield. Speeding increases the risk of potentially life-threatening injuries.

  1. Head-On Collisions

While these are one of the least common types of car accidents in Florida, they are the most potentially deadly. They can happen on one-way roads, when drivers attempt to pass slower-moving vehicles in rural areas, and on highways or interstates, particularly near exit or entrance ramps. Drunk driving and distracted driving are often responsible.

  1. Rollover Car Accidents

Rollover accidents can impact drivers in surrounding lanes and often happen with taller vehicles, such as Jeeps, SUVs, or pickup trucks. SaferCar.gov reports that manufacturer design errors can make these crashes more likely to happen. Other contributing causes include speeding and making too tight of turns.

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