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Heating Pads & Burn Hazards


A heating pad can help ease tight and sore muscles, bringing blood to the affected area to repair damaged tissue. The vast majority of heating pads are safe to use and are quite popular as a pain reliever.

However, a recent recall of the Aroma Home USB Heated Hottie heating pads is a timely reminder that not all pads are safe. If you have been burned in heating pad or electric blanket accident, then the product might have been defective. Contact an experienced Daytona Beach product liability attorney to discuss your legal options.

Dangerous Pads Could Overheat

The Aroma Home pads were recalled because they could potentially overheat and lead to both fires and burns. This particular animal-themed pad was designed so that it could connect by UBS to a laptop, personal computer, or car charger. Though convenient, the manufacturer quickly realized the pad was unacceptably risky, so they issued a recall.

These pads were sold at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx nationwide, beginning in November 2018. If you purchased one of the animal-themed heating pads, you should return it to the store for a full refund.

Defective Heating Pads & Electric Blankets

This is not the first heating pad to be recalled. Other pads have burned people who used the pad for too long or who crushed or folded it. The elderly are at particular risk, since they might not be able to quickly reposition their bodies if they feel the pad getting too hot.

Often, heating pads can be made safe by including adequate product warnings and instructions for proper use. When these instructions and warnings are missing, then the product can become unreasonably dangerous and defective. If adequate warnings/instructions are included but a consumer ignores them, the consumer is to blame for the accident, not the manufacturer.

Electric blankets are also dangerous for many of the same reasons as heating pads. If you have been burned by an electric blanket, then you also might have a valid lawsuit.

What to Bring when Meeting with an Attorney

You should have the following available for your consultation:

  • A receipt for the product (if you bought it).
  • The original packaging for the pad or blanket.
  • Any instruction booklet included with the product.
  • Documentary evidence of the damage caused by the pad or blanket, such as pictures of burns on your body or fires started in your home.
  • Medical documentation, such as medical bills and receipts and copies of medical records.

An experienced attorney can look over this information and identify whether you have a valid case. Remember, you can still bring a products liability case even if you did not purchase the product.

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Our burn injury attorneys understand the trauma these injuries cause. We offer compassionate legal guidance to help you get the compensation you need to cover medical expenses and lost wages.

Contact us today. You can schedule a consultation with a Daytona burn injury lawyer at Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. by calling 386-252-5170, or send us an online message if that is more convenient.




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