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How Can You Protect Windows in a Hurricane?


Even if a hurricane doesn’t level your house, it can blow in windows, which will increase the water damage to the structure, not to mention potentially injure someone inside with shards of glass. Blown-out windows are a serious concern every hurricane season, and it isn’t unusual to see news stories showing people boarding up their windows with plywood.

But what are the options for protecting your windows? For an individualized assessment, you should meet with a contractor who can help you price out the best option for you. Otherwise, the most common options are listed below.

Boarding Up a Window with Plywood

This is probably the fastest method. Be sure to properly measure your window so that you get a piece of wood that is large enough. You’ll want plywood that’s around 7 inches longer and taller, which gives you room to nail it to the side of the house. Also make sure the plywood is at least 5/8 of an inch thick. Something too flimsy will not protect you. If necessary, you can cut plywood with a circular saw or ask if anyone at the lumber yard can cut it for you.

It is also key to get the correct screws and bolts for your house. They need to go at least 1.75 inches deep to properly anchor the plywood to the building.

Installing Hurricane-Grade Screens

If you have more time, then you should consider upgrades to your home that will protect it in the event of a hurricane. One option is to install hurricane-grade screens, such as Fentex Hurricane Screens or Armor Screen. Talk to a contractor about which option is best.

Upgrading to High Impact Glass

High impact glass generally consists of two panes of glass with a plastic film in between. This type of glass is often found on the front windshield of vehicles. The film keeps most pieces of glass from flying in the air if a projectile hits the window and shatters the glass. High impact glass does not protect well against flooding, however, which could be your dominant concern.

Buying Storm Shutters

Hurricane-grade shutters are a permanent solution. They are typically made from aluminum or reinforced foam and only need to be pulled shut to offer protection during a storm. Hurricane shutters come in different impact and wind ratings, so you can find something appropriate for your location.

Of course, some people don’t like the looks of shutters on their home, which is a legitimate concern. But this is often the most cost-effective option for protecting windows. Check with a contractor for pricing, as well as the cost of installation.

Your Property Damage Attorneys in Volusia County

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