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What Types Of Damage Do Hurricanes Cause?


Of all the states in the country, Florida sees more hurricanes and the devastation they cause more than almost any other. Hurricanes cause billions of dollars of damage when they hit, leaving home and business owners to deal with the destructive aftermath. Some types of hurricane damage are glaringly obvious, while other types are far more subtle. Below, our Daytona Beach hurricane insurance claims lawyer outlines some of the most common types of damage to look for.

Mold Caused by Flooding

Hurricanes bring with them a lot of flooding and high humidity, which can all result in mold growth. Mold poses a very serious risk to the health of you and your family, so it is important to identify where it is growing. Check behind furniture, appliances, and in other hidden areas. If you do not find the mold early enough, your insurance company may try to claim in bad faith that you did not mitigate the damage.

Damage to Carpeting

Flooding and rain leaks can cause extensive damage to the carpets in your home or business. While you likely need to replace the entire carpet, the insurance company may claim that they will only pay for the damaged portion. A hurricane insurance claims lawyer can fight these arguments so you receive full coverage.

Damage to Roof Shingles and Tiles

It is easy to assume that damage to your roof will be obvious, but that is not always the case. Roof shingles and tiles may be missing and you may not notice right away. This could lead to additional structural damage and flooding. Inspect the ground for tiles and shingles that have blown or been ripped off. You may also wish to contact a roof inspection company that can accurately value the extent of the damage.

Damaged Appliances

Inspecting your appliances may not be the first thing you think of after a hurricane. However, they can also sustain serious damage due to debris within the property or flood waters. Inspect all of your appliances for signs of water residue, cracks, and other visible signs of damage.

Structural Damage

If you have noticed broken windows, flooding, and mold within your home or business after a hurricane, it is entirely possible that the property sustained structural damage, as well. It is important to hire an independent contractor who can inspect the entire property and look for signs of structural damage so it does not become worse.

Our Hurricane Insurance Claims Lawyer in Daytona Beach Can Help You Obtain Coverage

Regardless of whether the property damage sustained to your property is obvious or not, you likely still deserve coverage from the insurance company. Unfortunately, insurers are not on your side and do not want to help during your time of need. At Bundza & Rodriguez, our Daytona Beach hurricane insurance claims lawyer can communicate with the insurer on your behalf to make sure you receive the full and fair coverage that is justly yours. Call us now at 386-252-5170 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more.



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