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4 Mistakes to Avoid after a Slip and Fall


Slipping and falling is a surprisingly common accident, especially in a business or on private property. There are many hazards that can cause a person to slip or trip, including spilled liquids, holes in the ground, worn carpets, or scattered debris. If you slip, you can easily injure yourself when you hit the ground or twist your body to avoid falling.

At Bundza & Rodriguez, our Daytona Beach slip and fall lawyers help injured parties receive compensation for their injuries. However, you need to avoid making some common mistakes that can compromise your claim. Below, we highlight the most common mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: You Don’t Receive Medical Treatment

Proper medical treatment is absolutely necessary to recover from a slip and fall accident. Too many people try to self-diagnose by going online and reading a few WebMD pages. However, if you self-diagnose and self-medicate, then you could deprive yourself of proper treatment. Your injuries could become more severe, and you could suffer permanent disabilities.

Get to a doctor soon after falling. Tell the doctor any aches and pains you feel and follow the doctor’s advice so that you can maximize your improvement.

Mistake #2: You Give a Statement to the Insurance Company

Businesses should have a business liability insurance policy that will cover slip and falls. A homeowner also probably has a homeowner’s insurance policy that will likewise cover accidents that happen at the home.

After an accident, you might feel pressured to give a recorded statement to the insurer. Don’t. Instead, your attorney can communicate with the insurance company about what happened. There is rarely an advantage to speaking to an insurer too soon. Instead, the agent might try to minimize your injuries or put blame for the fall on you.

Mistake #3: You Don’t Document the Hazard

Let’s say you slipped on some spilled liquid in the grocery aisle, suffering a concussion and a sprained back. When you go to make an insurance claim, the grocery store denies that there was ever any liquid on the floor and instead alleges that you tripped over your own feet.

This is why getting evidence of the hazard that caused you to fall is so critical. If possible, use your smart phone to take a few snaps of the hazard. Ask a witness to take a picture for you if you have no phone or are too injured.

If you didn’t get a picture, that’s okay. Your lawyer can work around it by using other evidence, such as eyewitness testimony. However, it’s best to document the hazard soon after falling.

Mistake #4: You Don’t Hire an Experienced Daytona Beach Slip and Fall Attorney

Not every attorney is prepared to build a solid claim against a property owner. If you hire the wrong attorney, you could lose out on valuable compensation.

Contact Bundza & Rodriguez today. We are seasoned slip and fall attorneys in Daytona Beach with a long list of satisfied clients. To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call 386-252-5170 today.



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