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Common Construction Accidents


Construction sites are some of the most dangerous job sites in the nation. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), almost 1,000 workers died in construction accidents in 2016. Thousands of construction workers also suffered serious injuries, and bystanders or visitors can be injured as well. Although every accident is different, there are nevertheless common accidents.

Falls from Heights

Construction workers often work high up in the air or on scaffolding. When they fall, they can suffer devastating injuries after hitting the ground. Construction workers can also strike innocent bystanders, injuring them in the process.

There are many reasons that workers fall. For one, scaffolding might be defective or improperly installed. Federal guidelines strictly govern scaffolding, but lax safety standards can lead to dangerous setups.

Other times, workers might trip or slip on equipment, causing them to fall, or they might lack sufficient training that enables them to walk on scaffolding in a safe manner.


Exposed wires can lead to electrocutions, which might cause mild to life-threatening injuries. Electrocution burns are so serious because they often cause serious internal injuries that are unfortunately not visible. Many victims can suffer cardiac arrest, stroke, or brain damage.

If you have suffered an electrocution, you should immediately go to the hospital. A doctor can order tests that will determine how bad your internal injuries are so that you receive prompt treatment.

Falling Debris

More than construction workers can fall from a great height. Debris such as materials, tools, or equipment can also fall, striking people on the ground. Although construction workers wear hard hats that will protect them against injuries, members of the public do not and could fully suffer the devastating effects of getting hit in the head with debris.

Trench Accidents

Workers dig trenches on a construction site for a variety of reasons. For example, the trench might be needed to lay pipes or wires, or the trench can help workers access areas on the construction site. Many trenches will collapse because they are not properly supported. In other situations, a worker might fall into a trench because he loses his footing or because the trench was not properly marked.

Caught in Machinery

Many workers suffer serious injuries when caught in machinery. Often, the worker’s own negligence has contributed to the accident, but other times equipment defects or inadequate safety equipment might be to blame. Injured workers can suffer amputations, crushed limbs, cuts, and broken bones in these accidents. Many will also die.

Speak to a Daytona Beach Attorney Now

If you have been injured in a construction site accident, you might have a legal claim. Everything will depend on the circumstances surrounding your injuries, including who is to blame. Often, if someone other than your employer is to blame, you can sue for compensation above and beyond what you will receive in Workers’ Compensation benefits.

To start the process, please contact us today. One of our Daytona Beach construction accident attorneys at Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A. will be pleased to meet with you. You can call or send us an online message.


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