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Rollover Accident Critically Injures One


US Highway 1 is definitely one of the most dangerous roads in the nation, and a recent accident on December 10, 2018 will do nothing to change that reputation. According to FlaglerLive.com, the crash took place at quarter to 2:00 pm near the White Eagle Lounge.

The vehicle involved, a Ford Ranger Edge, was hauling a trailer at the time of the accident. Gregory Williams was driving with one passenger, Eddie Collins. Based on the skid marks on the road, the truck drifted into the center median of the four-lane highway. Apparently, Williams ended up overcorrecting, which caused the truck to veer back across the highway. It ultimately rolled over and came to rest on the shoulder of the road, facing south.

According to reports, Collins suffered critical injuries and Williams was seriously hurt as well. The Flagler County Fire Rescue and Palm Coast Department paramedics had to extricate the men from the truck. Both were finally taken to the Halifax hospital.

Rollovers are a Serious Threat

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 85% of rollover fatalities were single-vehicle accidents, much like the one that recently happened on US Highway 1. Furthermore, most accidents are attributed to driver error, such as speeding, distraction, or overcorrection.

Rollover accidents only make up about 2.1% of all car accidents. Nevertheless, they account for over a third of all deaths from vehicle crashes. In 2010, over 7,600 people died in a rollover and thousands more were injured in these accidents. Rollovers are definitely one of the most dangerous type of car accidents.

Minimizing the Risks of Rollovers

Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable. But you can certainly take steps to reduce the chances of a rollover accident or limit the injuries you would suffer from one. Follow these tips:

  • Wear a seatbelt. If a vehicle overturns, you can survive if you are safely buckled into your seat. If you aren’t wearing a safety belt, then it is easy to land on your neck or get thrown clear of the vehicle.

  • Avoid speeding. Speeding increases the risk of a rollover, especially if you are trying to make a turn while going too fast. Always drive the speed limit and take turns at a comfortable speed.

  • Stay on the road. If your wheels go into a soft shoulder, you could easily flip.

  • Pay attention. Distracted driving can cause vehicles to drift into other lanes, forcing the driver to make a quick overcorrection.

  • Have your tires rotated. You want your vehicle to be able to grip the road firmly. Worn out tires can contribute to rollovers, so rotate your tires and buy new ones before the tread is worn out.

Contact a Daytona Beach Car Accident Lawyer for a Consultation

If you have suffered injuries in a rollover or other car accident, you might qualify for compensation, but you must act fast. Florida law gives victims a short amount of time to pursue compensation and hold the at-fault driver accountable.

At Bundza & Rodriguez, our Daytona Beach car accident lawyers can advise you about your options if you call 386-252-5170. We offer a complimentary consultation.





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