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Back-to-School Driver Safety Tips


Most children are back in school for the year. Motorists might be grateful that teens with licenses will soon be off the road, thus reducing traffic. But school also can lead to congestion and accidents in and around campuses.

Helpfully, the National Safety Council has released a list of safety tips for drivers to follow now that school is back in session. Below, we summarize some of the most important.

Watch Out for Young Pedestrians

Most children who die in accidents are walking at the time of the injury. in particular, many children are stepping off a bus that a motorist passes illegally. You should increase your awareness of pedestrians, especially smaller ones. Remember the following:

  • When you stop at an intersection, don’t block the crosswalk.
  • Stop for crossing guards, and wait for them to signal when you can go through the intersection.
  • Pay extra attention whenever you are approaching a school zone.
  • Even if you have the right of way, stop for pedestrians.
  • Always use turn signals when in a school zone so that pedestrians will know your next move.

Exercise Caution Around School Buses

Buses transport children to and from school, and any accident involving a bus can injure dozens of children. To limit any chance of accidents, remember to do the following:

  • Always stop for a bus that has its yellow lights on. It is illegal not to.
  • Stop at least 10 feet behind the school bus so that you will not risk hitting a child getting off the bus or one who shoots into the street to board the bus.
  • Give yourself more of a cushion when following a school bus.
  • Stay alert for children to behave erratically when getting off the bus. They might dart out in front of your vehicle.

Drop Off Your Children Safely

Many parents transport their children to school. You should also observe common-sense safety tips so that you minimize the risks of an accident:

  • Try to avoid dropping your children off across the street from the school. This makes them have to cross traffic, which increases their chances of getting hit.

  • Never double park, since that decreases visibility for everyone.

  • Pull in and out carefully. There are probably many children milling around who you might not see.

  • Always look over your shoulder before backing up. Failure to do so is negligence and could cost you if you are involved in a collision.

Finally, if your children drive themselves to school, share these safety tips with them and talk over them. Young drivers are prone to accidents as it is, and the hectic nature of a school zone only increases the danger.

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