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Back to School Safety Tips to Prevent Pedestrian and Car Accidents


With ongoing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, back to school preparations are somewhat different in Daytona this year. In addition to stocking up on notebooks and pens, parents are also making sure children have face masks and plenty of hand sanitizer. School districts are offering virtual options for those who have concerns about social distancing. However, there are still many children who will be attending in-person classes. For parents and local drivers in the Daytona area, it is important to be aware of pedestrian and car accident risks. The following offers tips to prevent personal injuries that can occur as a result.

Back to School in Daytona Beach

The issue surrounding the reopening of schools has been a hot topic all summer. While there are concerns from parents and teachers regarding coronavirus risks, there are also concerns about the effect it could have both on children and adults if they are not physically in the classroom.

Following state mandates, the Volusia County School District will offer three options for returning students: virtual and in-person classes, along with a hybrid that combines them both. They are also pushing back the start date until the end of August to allow everyone a better chance to prepare.

Amidst this controversy, there are other safety issues that need to be addressed. Online learning means there will be fewer children waiting at bus stops or walking to school in your neighborhood, but it is still important to take certain precautions.

Safety Tips For Local Motorists and Parents

Pedestrian and car accidents involving children spike once the school year begins. To prevent personal injuries, the National Safety Council (NSC) offers these tips:

  • If you have children who will be walking to school: Remind them to stay on sidewalks, use designated crosswalks, and look both ways before stepping into the street.
  • If you will be driving children to school: Allow plenty of time to get to school in the morning and avoid speeding. Children should use seatbelts at all times. Avoid driving distractions during your trip and use designated lanes for drop-offs. Be alert for children who may be crossing nearby.
  • If your children take the bus: Remind children to stand in an orderly fashion and to wait until the bus stops completely before attempting to board. Once on, they should stay seated and avoid loud talk or noises that could distract the bus driver.
  • For local drivers in general: Keep an eye out for children walking to school during your morning commute. Always stop for busses and remain stopped as children get on or off. Reduce your speed and watch for children crossing near schools, parks, and playgrounds, which are places where pedestrian accidents are most likely to happen.

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