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How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?


Accidents happen in a variety of ways. When the reckless and negligent actions of others are to blame, you have the right to hold them responsible in a personal injury claim. One of the most common questions we hear is, ‘How much is my personal injury case worth?’  The exact amount will depend on the severity of your injuries and the circumstances surrounding your case,  but the following details common types of compensation available.

The High Costs of Personal Injuries

Personal injuries frequently happen as a result of motor vehicle accidents involving other drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians. They are also common in public places, such as stores, restaurants, or office buildings, due to slips, falls, and getting struck by or against objects. Reckless actions on the part of others and negligence in failing to take the proper precautions are leading causes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 27 million people visit hospital emergency rooms for personal injuries each year. In cases where injuries are relatively minor, the costs of medical care and lost wages averages more than $15,000. In more severe cases, in which victims require hospitalization or more extended treatments, medical costs alone can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rather than having to pay out of pocket for these and other expenses, those responsible for your injuries can be made to pay  through a personal injury claim.

Common Types of Compensation In Personal Injury Claims

Depending on the circumstances, the person at fault may have insurance policies in place that can cover some of your damages.  Common types of compensation you may be entitled to includes:

  • Medical expenses: This includes current medical bills and costs for future treatment, follow-up care, medications, or physical therapy you are likely to require.
  • Lost wages: This includes reimbursement for current lost wages and compensation for future losses in earnings or benefits due to ongoing impairments.
  • Pain and suffering: In calculating this amount, insurers will generally take your total medical costs and lost wages, then use a multiplier based on the severity of your injuries.

If insurance is unavailable or your injuries are severe, your best option may be filing a personal injury lawsuit against those at-fault. Alongside the above types of compensation, you may also be entitled to punitive damages under the Florida Statutes. This is an additional amount judges may grant in cases where the at-fault party acted in a particularly willful and negligent manner, such as driving with a high blood alcohol content or blatantly violating safety regulations.

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