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Should You Just Use the Public Defender?


If you’ve been charged with a serious crime like assault, DUI, or drug possession, you have a constitutional right to an attorney, even if you can’t afford one. For this reason, the state has hired public defenders to represent defendants who are too poor to pay a private lawyer. Public defenders will take over your case for free and defend you in court against the charges.

For many people, this sounds like a great deal. But let’s be upfront: there are many excellent public defenders who are completely committed to their clients’ well-being. However, there are usually definite advantages to hiring a private attorney, and in this post we’ll get into some of the most important. Even though costs are a legitimate concern—and we understand that—an attorney of your own can usually provide a better defense.

A Private Attorney Can Devote More Time to Your Case

No matter how talented a public defender is, chances are she is overworked and trying to juggle hundreds of cases. As a result, she does not have a lot of time to devote to any one case, including yours. When you are charged with a serious crime, then you need someone who has the time to:

  • Thoroughly investigate and find exculpatory evidence, if necessary, such as alibi witnesses or physical evidence
  • Fully analyze the law and your available defense so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed going forward
  • Bring pretrial motions to knock out incriminating evidence that is unfairly prejudicial or that the police seized unconstitutionally
  • Create exhibits for trial that will explain the issues to a jury in a way they can understand
  • Prepare for a trial on issues in front of a judge and jury

The more attention devoted to your case, the stronger your defense. With a private lawyer by your side, you can truly hold the state to its burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

A Private Attorney is a Sound Investment in Your Future

Instead of assuming that there is no way you can afford a criminal defense attorney, you should meet with one to discuss how much they bill and then figure out if you can find the resources to hire him. When a person is facing years in prison, they need to consider how much their family stands to lose if they can’t work. You need to compare that lost income to how much a private lawyer is charging you to bring a defense.

We believe that hiring your own criminal defense attorney is a sound investment in yourself and your family’s future. You will receive a defense tailored to the facts of your case and individualized attention that no public defender can match.

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