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Sports Injuries in School: Do You Have a Lawsuit?


Many children play sports in high school, and injuries are bound to occur in contact sports like football, soccer, and wrestling. But does your child have a valid legal claim for an injury?

First, parents must realize that some injuries are inherent in the nature of play. According to the Florida Supreme Court, anyone who willingly participates in a contact sport is expressing consent that they are assuming the risk of injury. If a child suffers bad bruises or sprains in a soccer or football game, then they probably do not have a lawsuit. However, you should analyze your case with an experienced Daytona Beach personal injury lawyer before taking any steps.

Was Your Child Intentionally Injured?

This might be the most clear-cut example where you have a lawsuit. Some contestants play dirty, even in high school, and someone who deliberately injured your child is responsible for those injuries. For example:

  • Someone stomps on your child’s head as he lies on the basketball court
  • Someone tackles your child with the intent to cause injury
  • Someone kicks your child for no legitimate reason in a soccer game

In these examples, a participant intentionally wanted to injure your child and succeeded. As a result, you can probably sue.

Were Coaches or Schools Negligent?

Another situation where you might have a legal claim is when schools and coaches are careless and end up injuring your child. For example:

  • Coaches might push your child too hard in practice
  • Coaches ignore your child’s warnings that they don’t feel good or want to come out because they are injured
  • Coaches encourage rough play or egg on a player to intentionally injure your child
  • A school does not properly respond to a traumatic brain or other injury, depriving your child of prompt medical treatment
  • A school does not properly maintain a field in a safe condition, and your child is injured by some hazard on or near the field
  • A school uses defective sports equipment that injures your child
  • A school does not properly inspect weightlifting or other equipment which poses a danger

In these cases, a lot will depend on the circumstances, such as what the school knew and when. But when a school has not acted with proper care, they become legally liable for injuries. Meet with an attorney right away to check whether you have a case.

Do You Know How to Sue a School District?

It is always complicated suing school districts since the state of Florida and its agencies enjoy immunity from lawsuits. However, this immunity is waived in certain circumstances. To find out better whether you can sue, you should quickly meet with a personal injury attorney after your child is injured.

At Bundza & Rodriguez, our Daytona Beach personal injury lawyers have helped countless clients get compensation for medical care and other expenses. We will carefully review the circumstances of your case to determine your best path forward.

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