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Steps To Take After A House Fire


House fires are devastating events. In just a matter of minutes you can lose all of your belongings and everything you have worked so hard for. You may also be left without a home. Of course, the most important thing is that you and your family are kept safe during and after such a devastating event. After you have made sure that you and your family are safe, you can then think about filing an insurance claim to recover your losses. Below, our Daytona Beach fire and smoke damage lawyer explains the steps to take to protect any future claim you file.

Document the Damage 

One of the most important ways to prove an insurance claim is to document the full extent of damage to your home. Take photographs of the damage if it is safe to do so, and create a list of items that were lost or damaged due to the fire. Also create a list of any repairs that must be done, and the cost of making those repairs.

For example, if you had an electrical fire you should document the entire cost of repairs including replacing parts in the HVAC water heaters or systems, as well as replacing outlets. Obtain quotes from contractors and other professionals who will make the repair work so you can ensure the costs are accurate.

Mitigate the Damage 

As with any insurance claim, you have a duty to mitigate the damage as much as possible. This is sometimes more difficult to do after a house fire because it is not always safe to enter the structure afterward. If it is not safe, do not try to enter your home. Instead, call the fire department and ask them to enter the structure and mitigate the damage for you. However, if you have been told by the fire department that it is safe, turn off the electricity and gas to prevent other areas from igniting. Also remove any flammable objects from the home.

Obtain a Copy of the Fire Report 

The fire department will respond to any house fire and afterward, a report will be filed. The insurance company, adjuster, and your own lawyer will need a copy of this report so it is important to obtain one. If the house fire occurred in Daytona Beach, you can request a copy of the fire report online from Volusia County. Even if you cannot obtain a copy of the fire report right away, it is important to make the request as soon as possible.

Our Fire and Smoke Damage Lawyer in Daytona Beach Can Help with Your Claim 

Knowing which steps to take after a house fire can be confusing. At Bundza & Rodriguez, our Daytona Beach fire and smoke damage lawyer can advise on the next steps to take so you and your future insurance claim are protected. Call or text us now at 386-252-5170 or reach out to us online to schedule a free case evaluation and to learn more about how we can help.



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