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Top 6 Hurricane Myths


Hurricanes are serious storms that deserve a serious response. Unfortunately, there are many myths and urban legends out there that make it hard for the public to properly prepare. Below, we bust 6 of the leading hurricane myths. Read on so you can be properly informed the next time a hurricane hits Daytona Beach.

Myth #1: Masking Tape Keeps Windows Safe

This could not be farther from the truth! Masking tape will do almost next to nothing to protect your windows in a storm. Also, it would take forever to use masking tape to fully cover an entire window. Even if you did accomplish this feat, a tree branch or any flying object can easily smash through the window. Instead, board up your windows or, better yet, buy permanent window treatments that help protect them from hurricanes.

Myth #2: If You Aren’t in a Flood Zone, then Flooding is Not a Problem

Not entirely true. Although the risk is greater in a flood zone, the fact is that a hurricane can dump a tremendous amount of water which can cause significant damage to your home, regardless of where it is located. Everyone in Florida is at risk of suffering water damage.

The combination of high winds and heavy rain can damage a roof, for example, and cause water to get into your building. Within days, mold can grow, and other damage can result. You should purchase flood insurance when you own a home to be safe.

Myth #3: Tropical Storms are Nothing to Worry About

This is also false. A tropical storm is typically less powerful than a hurricane. However, they can dump considerable amounts of water and cause storm surge in some locations. The risk from a tropical storm is still considerable, and you and your family should prepare for one just as you would a hurricane.

Myth #4: There are No Hurricanes after Hurricane Season Ends

The season ends on November 30, but this does not mean we cannot get a hurricane or tropical storm. Dangerous storms have been recorded year-round. You should remain vigilant and always follow the government’s instructions for preparing for a storm.

Myth #5: You Can Wait to Make an Insurance Claim for Hurricane Damage

Actually, you should contact your insurer immediately after a storm and report damage. Whether you make a claim at that moment or not is less of concern. But your insurer needs to know about the damage. You might make your claim later after you obtain estimates for repairs.

Myth #6: Insurance Companies Quickly Settle Insurance Claims

We wish this were true. Unfortunately, some insurers try to deny valid claims or try to limit the amount they pay out. They have many tactics for doing so, such as claiming you are responsible for much of the damage or arguing that the damage existed before the storm.

For help with your case, contact the Daytona Beach hurricane insurance claims lawyers at Bundza & Rodriguez today. We have assisted many homeowners in Volusia County in getting their property insurance claims approved. Reach out to us today by calling 386-252-5170 to schedule a free consultation.


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