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176 People Shot in Volusia & Flagler Counties in One Year


The Dayton-Beach New Journal has published an interesting story that looks at all of the gun shootings that occurred in Volusia and Flagler counties in 2018. Because many shootings are not reported, the New Journal used several journalists to track down each incident using police records.

The story is compelling reading because it highlights the scope of the fun problem in our counties. In 2018, 176 people were shot, resulting in 112 people dead. The shootings ranged from accidental discharges to homicides to suicides. Some of the statistics might be surprising.

Most of the People Killed are Suicide Victims

When we hear the term “gun safety,” the first thing many people think of is someone using a firearm in a robbery or to harm someone else. But the majority of people killed in Volusia-Flagler in 2018 were suicide victims—a total of 89 people in all.

The age breakdown was as follows:

  • 80s or older: 8
  • 70s: 20
  • 60s: 16
  • 50s: 15
  • 40s: 13
  • 30s: 7
  • 18-29: 9

Research quoted in the article shows that around 85% of suicide attempts with a firearm are fatal, so those who are committed to killing themselves will often choose this method. By contrast, under 5% of suicide attempts without a firearm are successful. Often, those suicide attempts are simply cries for help.

Few Victims are Related to the Shooter

The report also took a look at the relationship of victims to the person who shot them, removing suicides and accidental shootings from the statistics. The results were somewhat surprising. You might have heard that most victims are related to the person who shot them, but the study did not bear this out.

In a large number of cases, the relationship between victim and shooter was unknown. In only 8 cases was the victim married or dating the shooter. In only one case were they cousins. By contrast, in 21 cases, the victim was an acquaintance or a friend of the shooter, and in many situations they had no relationship other than participating in the same drug transaction.

Many Shootings are Accidental

Accidental shootings were the third largest category of shootings in 2018, coming in behind suicide and attempted murder/aggravated battery but ahead of homicides. In all, 9% of shootings were accidents, and all the victims were male.

The report mentions the story of a man who tried to clear his weapon with it pointed toward the ground but ended up accidentally shooting part of his foot off. Alarmingly, the man was experienced with firearms so probably should not have made this mistake. He has returned to work but suffers from permanent nerve damage.

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