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5 Reasons the Car Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You to Hire a Lawyer


When negotiating a settlement with an insurance company, don’t be surprised to hear, “Oh, you don’t need a lawyer. We’ll handle this between us.” There are some very simple reasons they say this, all of which have to do with money. If you handle your claim by yourself, you are more likely to make simple errors that can hamstring your case. You probably will also agree to a settlement that isn’t fair.

Your Attorney Can Gather Helpful Evidence!

An insurance company will only pay out compensation if its insured was at fault for the collision, and many insurance companies will deny any fault. You need evidence that shows the other driver made a mistake that caused the crash.

Helpful evidence includes:

  • Witness testimony
  • The police report
  • Surveillance video or dashcam video, if any is available

True, you can look for this evidence yourself. But if you are badly hurt, it might be hard to even leave the house. A lawyer knows how to find helpful evidence and preserve it for future use—which big insurance companies want to avoid!

Your Attorney Knows the True Value of Your Claim!

Do you know how much your injuries are worth? You can receive full compensation for the cost of medical care and repairs to your vehicle. You can also receive lost income if you couldn’t work while you were injured.

But you probably also qualify for more compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and disfigurement. If you suffer spinal cord damage, for example, your losses are definitely in excess of your medical bills and lost wages. Your entire life is turned upside down—and you can receive compensation for that fact.

As seasoned Daytona Beach car accident lawyers, we can use our experience to properly estimate how much your injuries are worth. Without an attorney, you risk settling for too little.

Your Attorney Can Negotiate Aggressively!

Many people hate conflict, and insurance companies are banking on that. An attorney isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with a resistant insurance company. By refusing to settle, you can often increase the amount of compensation you get out of the settlement.

Your Attorney will File a Timely Lawsuit!

Not all car accident cases can settle out of court. If not, you need to file a lawsuit to protect your rights. Florida law only gives you 4 years to file. This deadline is found in the statute of limitations. If you file too late, you lose your case.

Your Attorney Can Keep You from Making Mistakes!

Insurance companies know that many injured motorists might misplace a form, send something to the wrong address, or admit to something they shouldn’t have. Insurers can use all of these mistakes against a claimant With an attorney in your corner, you’ll reduce the odds that a simple slipup comes back to haunt you.

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