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Daytona Beach Lawyers > Blog > Personal Injury > 5 Ways the Insurance Company Tries to Trick You Following a Car Accident

5 Ways the Insurance Company Tries to Trick You Following a Car Accident


Dealing with an insurance company after a car accident is a headache. Not only will you need to read and try to fill out a blizzard of forms, but many insurance adjusters use downright underhanded tactics to compromise your claim.

If you check on the web, you will see nightmare stories of injured motorists trying to obtain badly-needed compensation for valid claims. Many of these stories involve shady insurance companies that try and trick these injured victims in an attempt to gain an advantage. Below, we highlight some of the most common tricks so that you can protect yourself.

Trick #1: The Insurer Demands a Recorded Statement

Why do insurance companies like recorded statements? We can assure you that the company is not really interested in your version of events.

Instead, insurers use these statements to discredit your case. For example, the adjuster interviewing you might slip in comments or questions that undercut your claim:

  • “You weren’t in that much pain, right?”
  • “You weren’t really paying attention to what was going on….”
  • “You can’t be sure you used your turn signal…”

These questions and comments are designed to get you to agree with them and show that your injuries aren’t serious or that you are partially responsible for the accident, which will reduce your compensation.

Some insurance adjusters even claim you must give a statement, but no Florida law says you must.

Trick #2: The Insurance Company Requests a Broad Medical Release

The injuries you suffered are a legitimate focus in any car accident claim. However, some insurance companies try to get a blanket release that allows them to obtain all medical records, even if they are not related to your accident. The company then pores over the records looking for any pre-existing injury. All of this is done to reduce the amount of money they pay.

Trick #3: The Insurance Company Claims You Don’t Need a Lawyer

Expect insurance companies to pretend to be looking out for your best interest when they say, “Oh, a lawyer will only cost you money. You can settle the claim without one.” Trust us: the company is looking out for its bottom line. You will probably receive more compensation if you hire an attorney than if you try to settle your claim yourself. Insurance companies know this.

Trick #4: Artificial Deadlines

Don’t be surprised if an adjuster is in a rush to get you to sign a settlement agreement. They might even complain of short deadlines they must meet. There is a simple reason they are rushing you: they don’t want you to fully analyze the settlement to determine whether it is fair. Remember, once you sign a settlement, you can’t come back for more money.

Trick #5: Stalling

Some insurance companies try to wait out injured claimants. If you are badly injured, the company probably knows you can’t work and don’t have money coming in the door. The insurer decides to stall. Look for paperwork to be lost, phone calls to not be returned, etc.

Don’t Fall Prey to Insurance Tricks

Contact Bundza & Rodriguez today. We are an established Daytona Beach car accident law firm, and we can help maximize the amount of money you receive in a settlement.

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