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Changing Seasons A Good Time For Slip and Fall Prevention Tips


Slips and falls are one of the most common types of accidents and can leave victims suffering serious personal injuries. Aside from the obvious pun, increasing darkness and wet weather conditions make autumn a good time of year to focus on fall prevention. The following details who is at risk for slip and fall accidents, how they typically occur, and what to do if it happens to you or a loved one.

Slip and Fall Accident Risks

Slip and fall accidents pose a serious danger. According to the National Safety Council, they are the third leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. and claim the lives of nearly 40,000 victims each year. Even in less severe cases, slips and falls can result in permanent disabilities. They can happen in restaurants, grocery stores, and retail establishments, as well as in office buildings, hospitals, amusement parks, or any public place. Conditions that make slips and falls more likely to occur include:

  • Wet, slippery floors due to spills or weather conditions;
  • Cluttered aisles and walkways;
  • Torn carpeting and loose flooring tiles;
  • Lack of landscaping and chipped or uneven sidewalks;
  • Lack of proper lighting;
  • Lack of handrails on stairs and at heights.

People of all ages can suffer serious injuries in slip and fall accidents. Among those most at risk include workers, children, and the elderly. People with chronic health conditions should also take precautions, as even a minor slip and fall can lead to rapid declines in health.

The Best Way To Handle A Slip and Fall Accident

When a slip and fall happens, victims often feel embarrassed or may even blame themselves. The fact is it is generally the property owner that is to blame. Under the Florida Statutes, these owners have a duty to maintain the premises and to want visitors of dangers that exist. When they fail to do so, they can be held accountable for the medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs you incur in a premises liability claim.

To avoid having to pay out of pocket for the costs associated with a slip and fall injury, take these steps:

  • Inform onsite security or the property owner immediately so that an accident report can be filed;
  • Make a note of where your slip and fall happened and the conditions under which it occurred;
  • Get the names and contact information for any witnesses at the scene;
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible, regardless of your symptoms.

Slips and falls can result in serious head, back, neck, and soft tissue injuries. While your symptoms may be minor at first, they can result in long term disabilities. Follow all of your doctor’s instructions regarding medical treatments and any work or activity restrictions they recommend.

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