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Defenses Against Domestic Violence Charges In Daytona Beach


Domestic violence in Daytona Beach is a serious crime. In addition to facing heavy fines and a potential jail sentence, the mere accusation of domestic violence could ruin your reputation, result in the loss of your job, home, or other property, and jeopardizes your parental rights in regards to any children you have. If you are facing these charges, you need a strong legal defense.

Domestic Violence Charges In Daytona Beach

According to the National Council Against Domestic Violence, police receive reports on more than 100,000 cases of alleged domestic abuse in Florida each year. These may involve incidents of physical violence between spouses or domestic partners, sexual assault or harrassment, and stalking or making threats.

Due to public outcry over domestic violence and abuse, police are obligated to act on any accusations they receive. If they are called to your home, whether by your partner or others involved, they are likely to arrest and charge you if any evidence supports the claims. This could consist of actual marks on the alleged victim, damage to property at the home, threatening texts or emails, and prior police reports.

As a result of your charges, a restraining order or Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence could be issued against you. In addition to prohibiting you from having any contact with the victim, this could also give them the rights to your home or other property and primary custody of any children you have while requiring you to pay spousal and child support.

Defenses To Domestic Violence Charges

When facing domestic violence charges, you need a strong legal defense in order to clear your name and to prevent potentially serious penalties, which could impact you now and for years to come. Common defenses in domestic violence cases include:

  • You did not do it. This involves showing your partner either exaggerated or completely made the charges up. Strategies often include pointing to a lack of evidence, testimony as to your good character, and any mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, or history of vindictive behavior the accuser has.
  • You acted in self-defense. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), nearly half of all people accused of domestic violence have been victimized by the accusing partner either recently or at some point in the past. You may be able to point to evidence, such as your own wounds or prior police reports, to prove you were only acting in self-defense.
  • Your rights were violated. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the situation, certain procedures must be followed if you are arrested or charged with a crime. If the police or prosecutors involved fail to follow these procedures, it could be justification for having your domestic violence charges dropped or dismissed.

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