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Daytona Beach Lawyers > Blog > Property Damage / Insurance > Five Things To Be Alert For When Filing A Homeowner Property Damage Claim In Daytona Beach

Five Things To Be Alert For When Filing A Homeowner Property Damage Claim In Daytona Beach


Damage to your home, other structures on your property, or your personal belongings can happen for a variety of reasons. Heavy rains, wind, hail, and other adverse weather events are common causes as are theft and vandalism. Homeowners property damage insurance you have in place can help to compensate you for your losses but it is important to know what you need to be alert for when filing a property damage claim in Daytona Beach.

Watch Out For These Five Things When Filing A Daytona Beach Property Damage Claim

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), an average of five percent of homeowners across the United States end up filing a property damage claim each year. Unfortunately, this percentage is significantly higher in Daytona Beach, where property damages due to vandalism, theft, and frequent storms cause major problems.

Property damage insurance coverage you have in place can help to protect you against having to pay out-of-pocket costs, but there are five areas you need to watch when filing a claim:

  1. Document everything. 

When property damages in Daytona Beach happen, take the time to carefully document all the details involved. Make a list of all damaged areas, take photos and videos to support your claim, and note what you paid for each item and what the replacement/repair costs are likely to be. 

  1. Avoid admitting any fault. 

Be cautious in statements you make to the insurance company or adjuster. Avoid assuming any  blame, such as admitting to a lack of proper precautions or negligence. You also want to avoid downplaying the damage suffered or what repairs/replacement will cost.

  1. Carefully review your policy. 

Pay close attention to the coverage descriptions, policy limits, and any exclusions in place. The Homeowners Insurance Toolkit from the Florida Department of Financial Services can help explain more about your policy and important provisions it contains.

  1. Be wary of an immediate settlement. 

While it may be tempting to accept an immediate offer, particularly when faced with looming repairs or replacement costs, it takes time to determine the full extent of damages. Settlements offered early in your claim are likely to be less than what you deserve or need to cover your losses.

  1. Consider all your costs/losses.

Carefully consider all costs associated with property damages and the difference between the current value and what it will actually cost for repairs or replacement. Even minor property damages, such as a few damaged shingles, could create vulnerabilities that impact you in the future. Be sure to include lost wages, overnight stays if you are unable to remain on the property, and other out-of-pocket expenses that are likely to result. 

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