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Forecasters Predict Above Average Hurricane Season


The 2020 Florida hurricane season is only two months away. Unfortunately, meteorologists have started to make predictions about the upcoming season, and their warnings are dire. As reported in the Sun Sentinel, predictions are that the upcoming 2020 season will probably be above average. This means that Florida homeowners should start preparing now for the arrival of serious storms to the region later.

About 14 to 18 Tropical Storms

A typical hurricane season sees around 12 named storms, including hurricanes and tropical storms. For 2020, meteorologists with AccuWeather expect to see 14-18 named storms. This number will include 7-9 hurricanes, of which 2-4 will become major hurricanes (Category 3-5) with sustained wind speeds above 130 miles per hour. Should any of these major storms strike our state, then we could see extensive devastation.

If 2020 sees above average storm activity, it will be the fourth year in a row. This is fast becoming the new normal in Florida. We also could see activity sooner than usual. Last year, the first tropical storm formed before June 1, and we might see the same thing happen this year. Tropical storms can drop considerable amounts of water, leading to flood damage. If a storm comes early, then homeowners have even less time to prepare.

Low Wind Shear to Blame

Meteorologists have based their predictions on a couple factors. First, they have studied patterns in the atmosphere, which remind them of the patterns in 2005, which was a year with many major storms, including Hurricane Katrina.

Also, El Nino has not produced strong westerly winds thus far. When strong, these winds can prevent pressure from building in the Atlantic Ocean while its waters are warm. But since the winds are weak, pressure will have an easier time building and turning into hurricanes.

Get a Head Start

We encourage everyone to take advantage of the next few months to get prepared for the upcoming season. If you are sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, then you can use this time to do the following:

  • Create an inventory of all items in your home. In the event you need to make a claim after a hurricane, you will be able to prove what items were damaged.

  • Come up with a hurricane plan, such as where you will go in the event a storm hits and what you will do with your pets. Don’t plan on leaving your animals outside to ride out a storm.

  • Protect important documents in waterproof containers or make digital copies so that you can always access them. Important documents include medical records, property records, and other vital information.

If you have not bought hurricane or flood insurance, now is the time to begin shopping so you have policies already in place. Damage from storms can be devastating, and the government is usually very slow to provide funds for those who lack insurance.

Our Daytona Beach Property Damage Lawyers Stand Prepared to Help

If your home suffers damage in a storm, you will need legal help to negotiate a favorable settlement. Contact our Daytona Beach hurricane insurance claim lawyers at Bundza & Rodriguez today by calling 386-252-5170. Our consultations are free.




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