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Daytona Beach Lawyers > Blog > Property Damage / Insurance > How Are Property Damage Claims Resolved In Mediation?

How Are Property Damage Claims Resolved In Mediation?


When your home becomes damaged due to a storm, theft, or vandalism, you file a claim with your insurance company to obtain coverage. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always pay these claims. They often find ways to try and stall, or they outright deny a legitimate claim. If this has happened to you, there are still options available. Many people think the only option they have is to file a bad faith lawsuit against the offending insurer. However, mediation may also be an option. Below, our Daytona Beach residential property damage lawyer explains more.

What is Mediation? 

Mediation is a process that involves two opposing parties meeting with a third party mediator. The role of the mediator is to try and help both sides compromise and communicate so they can ultimately reach an agreement. If you do reach a formal agreement during mediation, it is final and legally binding. However, if you do not, you may have to enter litigation. A Daytona Beach residential property damage lawyer can advise on any proposed settlement offer.

What to Expect from Mediation 

Many homeowners who have entered mediation have never been through the process before and do not know what to expect. Whether your case is successful will depend largely on the education, skill, and experience of the mediator. A Daytona Beach residential property damage lawyer can recommend a mediator right for your case.

The cost of mediation will be divided between you and the insurance company. While many people do not want to incur more costs at the same time they are trying to obtain coverage, this small expense is priceless if mediation allows you to resolve your claim early and start prompt repairs on your property.

The amount of time mediation takes will depend on the circumstances of your case and whether it involves any complications. The number of disputes between you and the insurer will also impact the amount of time mediation takes. Mediation can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

How to Prepare for Mediation 

There are three critical steps to take to prepare for mediation. These are as follows:

  • Gather everything relevant to your case: Whether you have pictures of the property damage, bills or invoices, or copies of communication from the insurance company, bring it with you to mediation. Having everything on hand can help mediation proceed more quickly and smoothly.
  • Set goals for yourself: You should clearly outline goals for yourself before you start mediation. For example, if you know there is a minimum amount of coverage you will accept, go into sessions with this goal in mind.
  • Contact a lawyer: Mediators do not provide legal advice and so, it is critical that you work with a property damage lawyer who can protect your rights.

Our Residential Property Damage Lawyer in Daytona Beach Can Advise You of Your Options 

If the insurance company is not acting fairly after your property is damaged, you have many legal options. At Bundza & Rodriguez, our Daytona Beach residential property damage lawyer can outline what those are and give you the best chance of obtaining the full coverage you need. Call us now at 386-252-5170 or contact us online to book a free consultation.



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