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How Renters Can Protect Themselves Against Property Damages In Daytona Beach


It once was thought that spending your hard-earned money on renting a house or apartment was a bad investment. Things have changed over the years and renting is now a more attractive option. Unfortunately, property damages in Daytona Beach are still a major concern. Renters insurance can help ensure you are protected. Find out more about these policies, what it covers, and when you might need to file a claim.

The Rental Market In Daytona Beach: Are You Protected? 

According to Realtor.com, the median sales price for a home in Daytona Beach is close to $200,000 and it is currently a seller’s market, with more potential buyers than homes available. High costs, lack of availability, and the need to relocate more frequently to accommodate careers has resulted in an increase in renters.

According to an August 2021 report by the Daytona Beach News-Journal, work is underway on what some are calling the first oceanfront apartment high rise to be built in our area. Construction crews have begun clearing a three-and-a-half acre lot on N. Atlantic Ave. for what will be the Silver Hills Daytona Beach Apartments, a seven-story, 250-unit luxury complex. City planners claim it will boost an under-utilized area while providing a centrally-located, oceanfront setting to attract renters.

Opportunities such as this make renting a more attractive option, as does not having to save for down payments, closing costs, and other fees or being responsible for repairs. It can still leave you facing losses due to property damages though. To protect yourself and prevent out-of-pocket costs, have a renters insurance policy in place.

What Renters Insurance Covers and How To File A Claim

Florida Department of Financial Services offers a renters insurance toolkit to guide buyers in choosing the right policy. Renters insurance provides protection against personal property losses due to covered events. These typically include adverse weather, such as lighting strikes, rain, or wind damage, fires and smoke damage, vandalism, and theft. In addition to helping you replace personal property, it compensates you for loss of use, personal liability for injuries that occur at your home, and medical expenses.

When putting a renters insurance policy in place, it is important to provide a complete inventory of all property that should be covered. This includes furniture, household appliances, technology, electronics, artwork and antiques, jewelry, and important documents, If you suffer property damages, follow these steps in filing a claim:

  • Inform your insurance company right away;
  • Make a list of all damaged property, as well as current and replacement values;
  • Take pictures of damaged items and the area it occurred;
  • Accompany the insurance adjuster when they visit your home, pointing out any damages they may have missed.

Let Us Help You Today 

Despite not owning their home, renters can still incur major costs due to property damages. To ensure your rights are protected in filing a claim, contact Bundza & Rodriguez. Call or reach out to us online and request a consultation with our Daytona Beach property damage attorney today.



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