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Protecting Yourself Against Medical Errors and Mistakes


With the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have become more serious about taking the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and maintain our health. While reducing the potential spread of the virus is important, there are other potentially serious medical concerns you need to be aware of. Most of us trust our medical providers to act in our best interests. However, they are only human and are prone to making serious medical mistakes that can result in serious personal injuries or even death. The following sheds light on some of the most common types of medical errors and steps you can take to protect yourself.

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Concerns over COVID-19 are likely making you more cautious in attending doctor visits, but there are other serious dangers you need to be aware of as well. Unfortunately, Johns Hopkins Medicine warns that medical errors and mistakes on the part of doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other health care providers or support staff have become increasingly common and are now the third leading cause of death in the United States. Among the most common types of problems patients are likely to encounter include:

  • Health care-associated infections, which have the potential to prove fatal;
  • Missed and delayed diagnosis, which prevents you from getting the treatment you need;
  • Surgical errors, such as performing the wrong type of surgery or operating on the wrong patient;
  • Administrative errors, which can result in doctor’s getting the wrong information;
  • Medication errors, which can result in dangerous side effects.

Preventing Medical Errors When Visiting The Doctor or Hospital

When visiting doctor’s offices or hospitals these days, COVID-19 is not the only risk. The Department of Health and Human Services warns that you need to protect yourself against other types of infections that can be easily transmitted through bacteria. Lack of proper cleaning or personal handwashing on the part of your doctor or their staff or their use of contaminated medical tools increases your infection risks. In addition to being aware of the procedures they follow prior to providing care, it is important to also take the following steps:

  • Carefully review all information in your health records;
  • Make sure your doctor is aware of all medications you are taking and any specialists you have visited;
  • Speak up about any symptoms you suffer;
  • Verify the results of any diagnostic tests you receive;
  • Ask for clarification if you are confused about any potential treatments or medications recommended;
  • Take someone with you to your appointments, as they may pick up on things you miss;
  • Check your hospital’s safety grade before getting admitted or scheduling any procedures.

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Medical errors and mistakes can have major impacts on your health, both now and in the years to come. At Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A., we help you hold negligent medical providers accountable. To discuss your case, contact our Daytona Beach medical malpractice attorneys and request a consultation today.




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