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Protecting Yourself Against Property Damages And Losses Over The Holidays


It is easy to get swept up in all of the fun and festivities surrounding the holidays. While it is considered by many to be the most wonderful season of the year, it also happens to be the time when accidents and other mishaps are most likely to happen. These can impact you long after all the celebrating is over and far into the coming year.

In addition to protecting your health, as a homeowner protecting your investment in your property should be a primary concern. Find out some of the most common causes of property damages and losses over the holidays and steps you can take to help prevent them.

Preventing Holiday Fires

Nothing sets the tone for holiday celebrations like a decorated mantle, lots of lights, and candles. However, all of these can pose serious risks in regards to fires. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) warns that this can be a dangerous time of the year in regards to house fires. To protect yourself and your loved ones, follow these tips:

  • Have fireplace chimneys cleaned regularly;
  • Avoid hanging decorations near open flames;
  • Never leave candles unattended;
  • Avoid plugging too many lights into one outlet or overusing extension cords;
  • Water your Christmas tree regularly-overly dry trees are one of the most common sources of house fires.

Preventing Holiday Thefts

People spend significant amounts of money over the holiday season buying gifts for family and friends. They may also have large sums laying around their home to pass out to mail people, delivery drivers, and other workers who provide important services throughout the year. Unfortunately, thieves are aware of this and are more likely to target homes during the holiday season. Follow these tips to make your home more secure:

  • Never leave packages in your vehicle and keep car doors locked at all times;
  • Make sure outside areas of your home are well lit;
  • Try to avoid displaying gifts or valuables near windows, where someone outside can see;
  • Make arrangements with your mail carrier to sign for any packages you receive.

Protecting Your Home During Holiday Travels

If you plan on traveling this holiday season, State Farm encourages taking steps before you go to prevent holiday fires and thefts:

  • Put indoor and outdoor lights on a timer to make it appear someone is home;
  • Temporarily suspend mail and other deliveries;
  • Unplug televisions, computers, and other devices to avoid power surges;
  • Avoid advertising the fact that you are not home on social media.

Let Us Help You Today

Despite all of your precautions, property damages can still happen over the holidays. When they do, reach out to Bundza & Rodriguez for trusted legal guidance in filing a claim. We can represent you in dealing with insurance representatives and help to ensure you get the maximum amount you are entitled to in any settlements. To request a consultation, call or contact our Daytona Beach property damage claims attorneys online today.

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