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Things To Know Before Filing A Claim For Roof Damage


Tropical storms, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms are just a few of the major weather events commonly seen throughout Florida. Homeowners know the dangers these storms pose to structures such as houses and so, they go to great lengths to make sure they are protected. Sometimes, though, no amount of preparation is enough to stand up to the force of nature. Roofs are particularly susceptible during storms and some are even entirely blown off during heavy storms.

If your roof has become damaged, you may be able to file a claim with your insurance company for compensation. Below, our Daytona Beach residential and commercial property damage lawyer explains what you need to know before you file.

Factors that Impact Roof Damage Claims

Before filing any homeowners insurance claim, it is critical to review your policy so you understand the terms of it. Some of the factors that could impact your roof damage claim are as follows:

  • Open or covered peril: An open peril, also known as all risk, policy will provide coverage for damage caused by any source. A covered peril policy, on the other hand, only includes coverage for the specific perils listed within the policy.
  • Replacement cost or cash value: Homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for either the replacement cost or cash value. The replacement cost will cover the entire cost of replacing the roof. A cash value policy will reduce your claim by accounting for the depreciating value of the roof.
  • Exclusions: Exclusions include types of damage not covered in your policy. Common exclusions include damage caused by flooding, hail, and high winds. It is important to know what exclusions are in your policy, and if you need a new insurer that will not have as many exclusions.

What to Do when Your Roof is Damaged

When a roof becomes damaged, so too can the structure of the home and even the personal belongings within the structure. Before doing anything, determine if it is safe to enter the property. If so, take as many pictures of the damage as you can, but do not climb onto the roof, as that could be very dangerous.

One of the most important things to do after your roof is damaged is to place a tarp over it. Making sure your roof is tarped will not only protect the roof and the rest of your home, but any future claim you may file, as well. Insurance companies usually reduce or deny claims when they believe homeowners have not taken the necessary steps to mitigate the damage. After the tarp has been placed on the roof, take more pictures to show that you have taken the necessary steps.

Call Our Residential and Commercial Property Damage Lawyers in Daytona Beach Now

After a serious storm, insurance companies are flooded with claims, leading them to almost automatically undervalue or deny claims. At Bundza & Rodriguez, our Daytona Beach residential and commercial property damage lawyers can speak to the insurance company on your behalf to ensure you receive the full coverage you need. Call us now at 386-252-5170 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.



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