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Visitors To Daytona Beach Increase Risk Of Property Damages


People from across the country and around the world travel flock to coastal cities across Florida. Residents in our specific area learn to live with the influx of visitors during annual events and at different times of the year, dealing with the long lines, heavy traffic, and rowdy crowds that tend to result. While tourism does boost the local economy, it also carries certain risks. Property damages in Daytona Beach are unfortunately common and can cost home and condo owners major amounts of money. Visits to the area are often to blame. Find out more about the problem and how you can protect yourself from paying out-of-pocket costs.

Local Events Draw Tourists, Increase Property Damage Risks 

Millions of people visit the Daytona Beach area each year, drawn by the weather, the beach, and the variety of events we host. One of the most recent was Trucktoberfest, one of two yearly weekends dedicated specifically towards pickup truck drivers and their fans. Unfortunately, local police departments end up having to brace themselves in advance for the problems that often happen during it.

According to an October 20, 2021 news report by Click Orlando, local officials warned attendees in advance that reckless behavior and illegal activities that have typically occurred during past events and resulted in destruction of property would not be tolerated. Additional police officers were added to the schedule for the weekend and were instructed to be diligent in apprehending potential offenders. Trucktoberfest is just one of many times of the year where there is an increase in property damage risks.

When Property Damages Happen

Daytona Beach Police crime mapping shows that property damages are unfortunately common year round. With the holiday season bringing large numbers of visitors to the Daytona Beach area, the risk of vandalism, theft, and accidental property damages increases. 

To protect yourself, take steps to secure your home and other property, such as locking doors, using flood lights, and making sure valuables are hidden. It is also important to ensure your home or condo owners property damage insurance policy is up to date. This coverage can help protect you against out of pocket costs. Review policies in advance so you are familiar with all the terms, make sure payments are made promptly, and conduct a home inventory of everything you want covered, updating it regularly. If property damages do happen as a result of accidents, theft, or vandalism, follow these steps:

  • Report the incident immediately to the police;
  • Make a list of all damages, documenting it with photos and videos;
  • Notify your insurance company as soon as possible;
  • Work closely with the adjuster they send to review your claim. 

Contact Our Daytona Beach Property Damage Claims Attorneys 

Property damages due to accidents, theft, and vandalism can be expensive. To avoid paying out of pocket, reach out to Bundza & Rodriguez. Call or contact our Daytona Beach property damage attorneys online today and request a consultation to protect your rights in filing a claim.



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